Has the blocking feature been implemented? I'm not seeing any of the pathetic FUD posts anymore but I think they are still happening. Anyone else noticed a difference?
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@CryptoGeezer LOL, it most likely didn't.

Thing is, Metafora is not advertised anywhere and here we have no new people. That single spamer guy become bored with these 20 people of daily online.

And yeah, TL dropped all the developments for now, you should be blind to not see this. I'm a web developer and a single day of work would make this app 2x better, but isn't happening. Ask yourself why!
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@dolphin he launched it, hoping for success. It didn't come, there is no money from it so he abandoned it for now (remember when you last saw his post or comment?). So for now there is basically nothing in it for TL.

If it will become popular in the future, with web3 standards growing, he will return back to get some profit as "the creator".

Watch one of his videos where he talks about his past pet projects (he's done social network as well), he made them and then abandoned and stopped the support.

I think it's mistake to not make it open-source, because we could improve the app ourselves, it's really easy. But I think TL just doesn't want critics on his web/programming/architecture (underline needed one) skills.

That's my theory.

Of course, he can be preparing massive launch/rework - but the fact that he didn't improve some things that can be done in 2 hours and would be very handy tells me that he's done with it for now.
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I wanted to share something I found. This sentence is pretty simple but describes the whole human nature, astonishing!

“Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” ― Lao Tzu
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Just a thought. My opinion only. Not the entire community:

I do not really rant as that is not my nature, but if we cannot put a block on people putting inappropriate images on so I do not see their stuff, and it does not interfere with my work, then why don't we put this app on time out until it is ready?

I will come back quickly to it when there is a filter. If there are kids under the age of 18 viewing this stuff, it is not a good look. I also do not think this feature will take time to integrate either.

Or let's put this as a work in progress and close it to the rest of the internet. Just for any MM holder with a certain amount of tokens can "beta" test this. I don't mind doing that. That is another option. Apologies for the rant, but I am not interested in looking at porn on this platform by malicious individuals. And obviously, these specific individuals are trying to hurt this brand that everyone has created and supported.

And also while we beta test, we can offer featu
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@NFTDailyNews lol, can't you see TL doesn't care about it. It didn't work as expected - he most likely wanted it to grow super fast, and it didn't. So he's looking for other ways to gain some profit - and for now, abandoned the project.

There were no updates for the last few weeks, though there is a hall to improve, not room.

I don't think in the near future something's gonna happen except big deal of users will leave metafora, cause it's not that cool to see links to nft, dicks and "hello" messages.
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I really, really like the Million project. It's a great example of a cryptocurrency with a clear and well-defined mission, and it has a very strong team. I'm excited to see it succeed.
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Good morning, I'm new to crypto, just heard about this platform from TechLead channel on YouTube.
I have a serious problem that I need some help with,

Im from sudan, and I'm can not get any crypto to start trading or buy any NFTs with, we don't have credit cards and exchanges do not allow sudanese accounts due to sanctions.

Any Ideas how I can get some crypto, or if there's anyone that I can provide some service in exchange of some eth?
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@0x67771901548e3f0ca790839fd1a8f867ae113131 - cryptowallet, where you can buy not depending on country. Passport verification required, otherwise you can but most of the crypto there from any country in the world. You only need a credit card (or bank transfer) - I think there are ways to get one (maybe virtual) from where you're from. VPN should help.

Once you buy something there, you can create wallet in Metamask - no verification of any sort needed, transfer there whatever you bought in Guarda (Ethereum for example) and convert it there to Million token according to the steps from
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Did you know, that you can follow yourself?
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@TL After recent events with inappropriate images posted on this site could the following provide some form of solution?

- The block feature should stop you from seeing all posts made by that account (rather than simply preventing contact and comments on posts). This would starve the idiots of the publicity that they crave.
- If a user is blocked by more than a specified number of other users then their account could be blocked by default for all users (but leave the content in place). People could then opt-in to see that content if they wished (by unblocking the account). Perhaps you could call the account 'restricted'.
- There would need to be some form of appeal process for accounts that were automatically blocked if they felt that it was unfair.

This would remove the need for any censorship (apart from illegal content obviously) and allow the community to be police itself and promote the right kind of content.

What does everyone think?
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@CryptoGeezer we need karma. Highly positive (like +100) will give you moderator-like possibilities (to block user with highly negative karma for example).

You shouldn't be able to add something to karma of other users without 10MM or someone with high karma approve you.

It's as simple as that. Just like any other normal content-based service, why invent a bike?
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@CryptoGeezer and another option you're mentioned. Blacklist or ignore - yes, there should be one (at least until more adequate version of feed is delivered). I'm tired to see useless posts with NFTs and other shit.
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I think we should decreased post limit from 10 to 5 for non-holders to avoid such idiots :)
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@0xf8e961ef663be6dbc39a0530cab37751a0672ad8 it's just a porn. Everyone here is watching some anyway. Why didn't you pick something more disgusting?
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Metafore Improvement Proposal - 001

Micro Tipping Feature
1. Any user can post content with or without ID
2. Any user who has staked a minimum of 100 MM can start microtipping.
3. 1 microtip = 1/100 of an MM Token
4. Any post you can tip any number of microtips. For some post u can send 1 microtip. For other posts you can send 10 microtips if you like it more.
5. When you microtip a post its relevance will increase. And 10 other people microtip the same post, then you earn 10% of the total microtip revenue of the post for ever. The first 10 others to Microtip the same post will earn 2.5% each. 15% of the total microtips will go to the metafora foundation for marketing etc. 50% of all the microtips will be reflected in the account of the original poster. The microtips will be only reflected in the account and can be withdrawed occasionally as and when the user can pay the gas fees. otherwise it is settled when the MM is unstaked.
Continued in comments.
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@cryptofolyo it's gonna a lot of time to implement for techlead solo
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OK Metaforians, we have had a lot of estimates for the ATH for MM but what do you all think will be the lowest that MM will reach in the current crash?

Obviously I am planning to buy some more but struggling to decide what the low point will be.
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@CryptoGeezer if BTC doesn't fall below 30K, MM won't be lower than 10-9$.

If BTC will go to zero, MM will go as well - as simply as that
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how is it possible for all the crypto to dive together ?
makes you wonder, is there such a thing as different crypto value or are all just following big daddy - bitcoin
... thinking out loud
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@turpija of course right now there is no difference at all. You can track it - just open the charts. The only things that won't alter each other is when one coin or another has some events.

For example Cardano was rising this week because they announced marketplace or something. Dogecoin can jump when someone famous post it in twitter.

Ethereum is the most chart-please-don't-look-like-bitcoin coin, and anyway it follows the lead most of the time. Only news about Proof of stake and 2.0 sometimes make it rise even if everything else fails.

Dunno how didn't you notice it.
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@turpija the only difference is how big the rise. For example on 5% of bitcoin there can be 10% of ETH, but it doesn't make it different, though some people still hope to buy something and that it have the price of BTC in 2 years.
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@Tim_MM_Hodler so basically if 100 people agreed to buy for 100 - 500$ everyone at the same time, it would rocket the price to the moon?
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@Tim_MM_Hodler well, while we're not so popular there shouldn't be a lot of bots is there are any at all.

If we knew in what time MM selling/buying activity the lowest, we could theoretically support it long enough so it will stable at some point. Isn't it what guys with GameStop did?
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@BankHead @DarthVader I wonder if we can figure out strategy how to make bots work for us.

Bots should most likely have some idle time after it bought or sold. So if we pump the price a bit -> trigger them selling and make the price go down a bit -> start buying it, so the bots won't have time and deeps to buy. It can lead to price stabilizing at higher level and marketplace bots losing money. Win-win!
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Work harder. Seems like a lot of folks in this space could use this advice.
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@0xe6eeaf017fde806c78929b07b6bec670cc7c9149 you see, I think most of the people hanging around are ones that consider their future from the point of view where they don't do nothing and become very wealthy. For example making a lot of money on the next dogecoin.

For now it's like a intellectual casino, because there is still a gap for a lot of people about crypto wallets, markets and so on. But there are more and more "NextBabyShibaToken" things where a lot of guys will lose their money. Because people who are intellectual (and selfish) enough are making money on them in a 100% way - by selling them a dream of being wealthy. Just like it always in the history was.

Everyone, REMEMBER: putting your money in any crypto is just a roulette. Max chance to win (objectively) is lower than 50%. Means most of us will lose it, though there are always be the lucky ones.
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@0xe6eeaf017fde806c78929b07b6bec670cc7c9149 why work, if you can buy the next bitcoin for 10 bucks and be a millionaire in 10 years, right?

There are always gonna be people who wouldn't want to work and will search for "shortcuts". If everyone understood that there are none, we would probably walked on Mars right now :)

Happy to see that some people here understand what's happening.
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