Just a thought. My opinion only. Not the entire community:

I do not really rant as that is not my nature, but if we cannot put a block on people putting inappropriate images on so I do not see their stuff, and it does not interfere with my work, then why don't we put this app on time out until it is ready?

I will come back quickly to it when there is a filter. If there are kids under the age of 18 viewing this stuff, it is not a good look. I also do not think this feature will take time to integrate either.

Or let's put this as a work in progress and close it to the rest of the internet. Just for any MM holder with a certain amount of tokens can "beta" test this. I don't mind doing that. That is another option. Apologies for the rant, but I am not interested in looking at porn on this platform by malicious individuals. And obviously, these specific individuals are trying to hurt this brand that everyone has created and supported.

And also while we beta test, we can offer featu
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@NFTDailyNews Agree. I was opening metafora next to my father on the couch and the porn picture was there, I felt like an idiot
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@dolphin WHAT HAPPENED TO CENSORSHIP FREE? Twitter ALLOWS this content.
Either admit you are pro censorship, or I keep sharing my legal content from Twitter.
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@NFTDailyNews @TL Perhaps Metafora should do something like... where you only see content of who you follow strictly. New users who do not follow anyone can be suggested to follow "trusted safe" accounts that are curated and moderated by some account similar to "Tom" on MySpace (everyone initially is connected through Tom). Other than that, users who want followers will just have to get viewership strictly by getting followed. As for how can a user view content of other users they don't follow... The only ways would be taking the dive to follow a new user (most likely meeting somewhere outside of metafora) or by a fellow metafora friend/following that engaged on another user's content. So essentially everyone's feed will be what they follow strictly and what the users they follow engage with (liking posts, commenting, etc.) It's a bit restricting but I don't think it's too bad!
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@Midi_Mages @Midi_Mages I like that idea. Thanks. Yeah @dolphin had my lady next to me. Would have led to a crazy wtf conversation. 😂😂
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A Quick easy fix is to disable preview, while maintaining censorship free by allowing any links to be posted.
This should be good enough, don't be so triggered by mere porn images, what are you? A monk? LOL.
And kids these days are exposed to porn way earlier than 18 years and having sex to, don't get me wrong, am NOT supporting porn on Metafora, but supporting censorship freedom.
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@Guang Images classified in that nature can get this app shut down and a flood of lawsuits. Most importantly very bad PR for MM and everyone associated with it. The guy/girl doing that is acting with intent. Nothing to do with "free censorship". Going back to my super saiyan, monk mode sleep.
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@NFTDailyNews lol, can't you see TL doesn't care about it. It didn't work as expected - he most likely wanted it to grow super fast, and it didn't. So he's looking for other ways to gain some profit - and for now, abandoned the project.

There were no updates for the last few weeks, though there is a hall to improve, not room.

I don't think in the near future something's gonna happen except big deal of users will leave metafora, cause it's not that cool to see links to nft, dicks and "hello" messages.
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@RomanistHere If he did not care, it would not be a smart business move for him and his brand to leave it up and let it ride with that type of spam. It would also get him into a bunch of legal troubles as being a negligent owner of the site. So if that was the case the excellent course of action would be for him to put the project offline temporally and tell folks that the updates are "in-process" and postponed until xyz timeframe. I am sure anyone who has worked on millions of websites would have done that.

Under 47 USC 230, I do not think he is responsible for what users put on the site. However, this is the internet. You have to consider jurisdiction and whether one took the best course of action to appropriately warn people or put certain measures in place to prohibit certain content. Cheers. Getting off from this topic.
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@NFTDailyNews you can block people. click the three dots top left of their profile page and select block. you won't see their posts anymore. hope that helps
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@Tim_MM_Hodler Sadly it doesn't seem to work like that. Blocking someone simply stops them from messaging or mentioning you. You can still see their posts. Full blocking is something that we have been requesting for some time.
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@CryptoGeezer oh, ok then. i misunderstood. thanks for explaining to me
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