Hi, metafora is abandoned by @TL ? :(
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@Mya 😂😂😂
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Who else is buying MM here?
(or are you just waiting for a dedicated video on MM by @TL?)
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Could anyone advice who`s the admin here?
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Remember - common law still applies here and people under 18 y.o. are here. Don't be surprised if one day you have problems because of such post
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@Adamzon I hold and..... more and more buing :)
@TL said that we will on the moon and I belive him. 💪💪💪
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@MM-Matt I hope so too, but MM is for community and by community - everyone can do something , not only wait for @TL
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Hi everyone,

I had 0 transaction fees on, but now it's gone. What is the cheapest and least sus way to send Matic to my Metamask wallet?
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How many users are there in Metafora?
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@DarthVader sorry
900 ppl on metafora with at least 10MM :)
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@soverypro nobody knows, maybe he is hiring someone ;)
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Which one of these is 100% programmed for 2022?

#Bitcoin : $100,000
#Ethereum: $10,000
#BNB : $1,000
#Solana : $500
#Chainlink: $100
#MM: $100
#Cardano: $6
#MATIC: $4
#XRP: $4
#DOGE: $1
#VeChain: $1
#CRO : $1
#SHIB: $0.01
#LiLGcoin: $0.01

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Imagine voice chats in the metaverse!
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@BankHead video chat - great idea ❤
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TMT Coin was up 300% last night.
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Officially a MM holder :)
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Where can I see how many (of 1M) tokens have their holders? I found here that there are a total of ~12k holders.
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MFS   ·   2 years, 6 months ago  
@0xe6eeaf017fde806c78929b07b6bec670cc7c9149 Total is 19500 (including all blockchains). 12k is on ethereum
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We are behind excited to announce that finally the first version of our smart contracts have been successfully deployed on Moonbase (the test environment of Moonbeam).

You can now interact with, at the moment only with "test" money.

In the upcoming weeks after further improvements, we will finally roll out to Moonbeam.
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@tradinglab great job! it would be great if it was combined with MM ecosystem 😍 -> such cooperation would be great for both sides
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JUST IN: #ETH Whale has just purchased 426,007,000,000 $SHIB worth over $8,699,000 🤯
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@247cryptomoney It would be interesting what happend with price if he buy MM ;)✌
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@Simonsaysz Block option not allow to send a message and mention
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