Early MM investor and hodler
Hi Everybody. Sorry for being late.

We have just proceeded to transfer the MM to the competition's winners!

BTC Price at 2022-06-01 00:00 --> 31859$

First Prize: 0xEcD973030eF2fC352ED5448413a707598892d4C3
Prize: 10 MM
Prediction: 32000$
Transaction: 0x89363e445810f9d0477d6d1903ddbb0f23719fe89cf115e945b86d322b173f6b

Second Prize: 0xD0b4780c5f7250749dA923E554DaF38C440c09b6
Prize: 5 MM
Prediction: 33656$
Transaction: 0xd72cc320047196c6fbc51ab47f486262330be3ddcacfdc62019ee8607b5bce33

Third Prize: 0x2E1544CA495Fd80961eBB65845800124DB3fda44
Prize: 3MM
Prediction: 30000$
Transaction: 0x037a9412f0990991172cd5f270a9b5c28f3a098a8246970d2ae240fe61f62852

Congratulations to everybody!
See you at the next one :)

Long-life MM!
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@BankHead i reimbursed you the MM you had sent me earlier. fyi
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@0xc1df90d3b7acb4b59ddbd5d0cc61da45f139d06e have 10MM in your wallet and link to your twitter page
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Just a thought. My opinion only. Not the entire community:

I do not really rant as that is not my nature, but if we cannot put a block on people putting inappropriate images on so I do not see their stuff, and it does not interfere with my work, then why don't we put this app on time out until it is ready?

I will come back quickly to it when there is a filter. If there are kids under the age of 18 viewing this stuff, it is not a good look. I also do not think this feature will take time to integrate either.

Or let's put this as a work in progress and close it to the rest of the internet. Just for any MM holder with a certain amount of tokens can "beta" test this. I don't mind doing that. That is another option. Apologies for the rant, but I am not interested in looking at porn on this platform by malicious individuals. And obviously, these specific individuals are trying to hurt this brand that everyone has created and supported.

And also while we beta test, we can offer featu
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@NFTDailyNews you can block people. click the three dots top left of their profile page and select block. you won't see their posts anymore. hope that helps
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@CryptoGeezer oh, ok then. i misunderstood. thanks for explaining to me
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@CryptoBackstage featured creators seems to have been recently removed from the website
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@CryptoBackstage i don't think i ever dethroned you from the #1 spot. it's not important to me anyway. it's about getting the education out there for those that are looking for it. YouTube primarily displays negative MM videos when you do a search. hence, removing good content creators from the main MM website is going to make it that much harder to find good MM content for those searching for it.

eh, i guess i will take another break for awhile.

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I am currently the only one providing liquidity in the MM USDC pool on Fantom, guys get on it, there is big opportunity to earn juicy trading fees on spookyswap
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@CopperBryson yeah, i know its tough buying MM on ftm so that you can provide more liquidity. maybe bridge some MM over from another blockchain. i haven't done that yet but maybe the anyswap router is an option.
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today I dumped my all MMs folks which means MM goes to moon soon..
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@CryptoBackstage ah, @TikTok was just joking. he's got bags still
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Since Binance is not allowing me to withdraw MATIC to MetaMask, what other options do I have?
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@0xe6eeaf017fde806c78929b07b6bec670cc7c9149 thanks for the update and link. even now has a 24hr wait on new whitelisted addresses. not a problem if you already have an address listed but just something to keep in mind. Exchanges are paranoid now about getting hacked.
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@RomanistHere look at the time stamps of the sells. it's seconds after a buy order goes through. at least one bot is dumping and probably making good money. transfer MM from another ecosystem to AVAX and dump if the price rises to quickly. I'm not going to pump a bot bags. LoL
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