reillin.eth   ·   10 days ago  
Yo peeps. What’s news?
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dolphin   ·   8 days ago  
@reillin.eth ehy! what's up!?
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Ehy Team!

Are you doing well? It has been a while.

Many things have changed in the last months, incredible how everything is moving so rapidly in life, in business, here as well. Summer has been great, and now it is time to prepare for the winter, many interesting projects on the way, as always.

From a crypto point of view, personally nothing has changed. I keep DCA on the few projects I am following since many years, and if you are wondering, yes, I am still a proud holder of my precious MM, despite I have not bought in a while.

I also keep following our very own TechLead, his evolution, and his thoughts. In particular recently his video about his parents getting old has really resonated in me. There should be a way to extract all the life gems TL has given us troughs the years, it is a pity they are "stuck" inside their videos. Someone should create a Twitter account about it.

Take care guys!

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Ehy there! How is everybody doing?

As you might be aware, I was busy building a dapp.
I decided to freeze the development, leaving the app as it is.

Why? Here the main reasons:
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1] Despite not having invested in LUNA, I have been profoundly shocked about the massive collapse of such a gigantic project, and deeply sorry for all the crypto passion. I was questioning myself if it was worth building and fighting for such a dangerous environment.
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2] I have learned so much about frontend, backend, design, marketing, and making so many valuable mistakes. Following advice received from @TL a while ago, I can pivot all these learnings in trying to build something that already exists, trying of course to do it a bit better.
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3] I need to work on something closer to my reality, family, friend, and territory. For this reason, I started a new project, which does not require web3 technology yet, but in the future might be.
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4] I was listing the dapp on my curriculum vitae, and thanks to it, I got two extremely exciting job offers. I am starting as Web3 Senior Analytics Engineer for a large media company that is launching soon an NFT marketplace dedicated to the sport. The dapp was a great showcase for my tech skills and my web3 knowledge.
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I will slowly update the dapp, but no big changes will come. In case you want to take it over, just let me know :)
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Lastly, I took a step back also from Discord, too much noise, drama, and chaos. This does not mean I stop believing in MM potential. I still hold my bag and I still believe in a bullish future in front of us.
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Love you all.

Your faithfully.
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@NFTDailyNews @MillionCloud @Romua @doombaby.eth thanks so much guys, you are the best part of this community
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SAFU   ·   4 months, 23 days ago  
Any news from TL?
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@SAFU ~ it seems he's having a highly introspective moment in his life
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We have reached escape velocity, there is no body anymore bounding us with its mass. Now straight to Jupiter and beyond.
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By far the most difficult aspect of web development is keeping your dependencies sharp and up to date. Critical vulnerabilities everywhere, it is crazy
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@TradingLab I voted! Good luck to everybody
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lets build this bad boy up guys.
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@Flock we are on it ;)
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Guys, beware of the MM airdrop scam in the telegram group. I got banned for saying that it could be a scam.

Looks like the MM community just stooped to a new low.
Either the community telegram account got hacked, or someone is really trying to recoup their losses by scamming people.
How low can we go? I don't know. But at this rate, much much lower, and maybe never back up.
Not FUD, facts. Don't get scammed. Beware of fake airdrops that claim to double your tokens FREN.
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@electronicknock thanks for reporting it
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To help an open source project not only writing code is required, there are many other ways:
- help with the docs
- suggest new features
- sponsor the project
- support the community
- report bugs
#opensource #foss
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