Hi Everybody. Sorry for being late.

We have just proceeded to transfer the MM to the competition's winners!

BTC Price at 2022-06-01 00:00 --> 31859$

First Prize: 0xEcD973030eF2fC352ED5448413a707598892d4C3
Prize: 10 MM
Prediction: 32000$
Transaction: 0x89363e445810f9d0477d6d1903ddbb0f23719fe89cf115e945b86d322b173f6b

Second Prize: 0xD0b4780c5f7250749dA923E554DaF38C440c09b6
Prize: 5 MM
Prediction: 33656$
Transaction: 0xd72cc320047196c6fbc51ab47f486262330be3ddcacfdc62019ee8607b5bce33

Third Prize: 0x2E1544CA495Fd80961eBB65845800124DB3fda44
Prize: 3MM
Prediction: 30000$
Transaction: 0x037a9412f0990991172cd5f270a9b5c28f3a098a8246970d2ae240fe61f62852

Congratulations to everybody!
See you at the next one :)

Long-life MM!
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@TradingLab the prizes was paid out already bro
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@BankHead he knows that. he pretended like he didn't notice and sent the MM to wallets he controls. It is just another Million Token scam lol.
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@BankHead i reimbursed you the MM you had sent me earlier. fyi
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@0x15c1c51c485fdb3a051a5edfc80f796c6d90da63 what is wrong with you ? Do you not have a life ?
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@TradingLab Thank you for running the competition and the great prizes!
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@BankHead I like to warn people about scam cryptos like Million Token. Im sorry you got scammed and are deep underwater. I want to stop that for other people.
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@BankHead this place is for MM cultist. we only need to point out the MM scam here :) none others.
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