I am currently the only one providing liquidity in the MM USDC pool on Fantom, guys get on it, there is big opportunity to earn juicy trading fees on spookyswap
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@CopperBryson _currently I make 0,0016dquick on quickswap what equals today 42cents day ly. Whats yours on spooky?
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@CopperBryson _...from 340USD lp investment.
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@CopperBryson yeah, i know its tough buying MM on ftm so that you can provide more liquidity. maybe bridge some MM over from another blockchain. i haven't done that yet but maybe the anyswap router is an option.
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@0xe0aac13ae07a44794815c1ff003d1c0ecb05998e depends on if there is any volume, so far it has had only 8 dollars of volume since most of the trades are on the MM/FTM pair. so far it is pretty low fee collection but I am assuming that might change if the swaps begin to be routed to the MM/USDC pair because right now it routes USDC > FTM > MM and skips my LP
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@CopperBryson I cannot find MM USDC on spookyswap. Where is it?
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@NCC_1701 it is not in the sponsored farms list you have to add mm and usdc in LP manually
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