Early MM investor and hodler
I've set my $MM limit orders in on Polygon. some really low ball offers so i don't think they will get filled anytime soon this time around but you never know.
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the bridge fees to Polygon using Crypto dot com are now $1.00 for each transfer when transferring USDC. it used to be below 20 cents. Anyone know the Kucoin fees ?
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@captainSTX thanks. i can't really complain too much even if the fees are now $1 on . It sure as heck beats the normal bridge fees if I had to do it myself
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Last day to harvest tax losses in the U.S.
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@muzzi1987 I can sell my crypto investments and buy it right back to lower my taxes. This could offset any gains I may have if i have the option to sell some losses. My tax strategies can't effect MM price since I'm buying and selling between wallets at fair market price.
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The liquidity has always been better on Polygon and ETH when compared to Binance Smart Chain Network. The BSC can still be a good place to buy and sell because of the price swings but it's not going to be a solid market maker for the MM price imho. Good for traders perhaps.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone
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I wish TL and the MM community all the success in the world.
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