TikTok   路   8 months, 24 days ago  
this shit is not sinking, already sank homies
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TikTok   路   9 months, 9 days ago  
@Reprobus2 this looks correct
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How long do you guys think that we have to wait till we hit 1 Billion marketcap?
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TikTok   路   9 months, 17 days ago  
@AodaiVietnamNFT so fucking long mate
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TikTok   路   9 months, 18 days ago  
@Cam_271 actually problem is as a community we couldn't claim anything than MM is being luxury brand, however what is supposed to be done is creating use cases for MM to make the coin useful.. then all the hype might be able to real
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TikTok   路   9 months, 29 days ago  
today I dumped my all MMs folks which means MM goes to moon soon..
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Which one of these is 100% programmed for 2022?

#Bitcoin : $100,000
#Ethereum: $10,000
#BNB : $1,000
#Solana : $500
#Chainlink: $100
#MM: $100
#Cardano: $6
#MATIC: $4
#XRP: $4
#DOGE: $1
#VeChain: $1
#CRO : $1
#SHIB: $0.01
#LiLGcoin: $0.01

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TikTok   路   10 months, 3 days ago  
@DarthVader this sounds too scammy
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Not sure should I go add more MM to my portfolio or go hodl to ETH, what do you recommend ma homies?
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@DarthVader I still don't understand does it cost fo 5 x 99$ or only 99$
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@DarthVader But seems like your account expired afrer 5 months, it should be advertised 97$ for 5 months, that'd be better I guess
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is this legit guys?
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guess who's back
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One thing wondering about metafora, are posts saved somewhere in block chain?
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I might start a journal out here lol..
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hello world!
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