Since Binance is not allowing me to withdraw MATIC to MetaMask, what other options do I have?
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Do you have any other CEX accounts you can send the Matic to?

You could sell the Matic, withdraw your fiat and try on another CEX like
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@0xe6eeaf017fde806c78929b07b6bec670cc7c9149 is this because Binance is waiting for recent funds to clear? Coinbase does the same thing unless your funds were deposited via a wire transfer. I have had no issues with and sending matic or usdc to the polygon network for $1 fee
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@Tim_MM_Hodler Honestly, no clue. I found a thread on Reddit that they tend to do this often. Interestingly enough, I was able to transfer it perfectly fine like 2 weeks ago 🤔
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@0xe6eeaf017fde806c78929b07b6bec670cc7c9149 interesting. yeah, i have heard the same rumors and it makes me worry a bit about Binance but I haven't had issues with them yet. sometimes exchanges sit on new deposited funds from a bank for a week to make sure the funds clear before they allow you to transfer it off the exchange.
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@Tim_MM_Hodler seems to be on a grander scale, I get this message on Binance:

> BNB,MATIC network withdrawal suspended. Withdrawals can be processed through alternative networks. Subscribe to network recovery reminders to receive updates.

Seems like others experienced similar things rather often (
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@0xe6eeaf017fde806c78929b07b6bec670cc7c9149 _ it looks like drop of provisions makes binance squized to limits and nonsense - same story with one. Funny anyways.
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@0xe6eeaf017fde806c78929b07b6bec670cc7c9149 thanks for the update and link. even now has a 24hr wait on new whitelisted addresses. not a problem if you already have an address listed but just something to keep in mind. Exchanges are paranoid now about getting hacked.
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