today I dumped my all MMs folks which means MM goes to moon soon..
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@TikTok we appreciate your sacrifice! I'm sure @Tim_MM_Hodler bought them up
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@TikTok I know it always happens that way. 馃槀

My friend dumped their MANA tokens some time ago. The week after it went up 4x after FB announced their name change. MM will always be here. Do what you need to do TikTok. That is more important and what the pool also set up to absorb. See you soon.
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@TikTok I hope everything is ok with you. Cheers. We鈥檙e always here
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@CryptoBackstage ah, @TikTok was just joking. he's got bags still
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@TikTok _are you TL? after dumping u still posses 156 MMs as per 02032020 ;-) which seem to be 2nd biggest position in ur wallet. hmmm. interesting.
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