@Tim_MM_Hodler hmm... yeah, it's kind of strange. I wonder if this tweet had anything to do with it cause it showed a screenshot of his course 🤔 or maybe he didn't want to hurt my feelings when you dethroned me from the #1 spot. I'm gonna dm him see if he will add it back. I think he may have removed by accident and hasn't noticed it yet. TL was out having lobster rolls or something with his dog and two other guest today.
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@CryptoBackstage i don't think i ever dethroned you from the #1 spot. it's not important to me anyway. it's about getting the education out there for those that are looking for it. YouTube primarily displays negative MM videos when you do a search. hence, removing good content creators from the main MM website is going to make it that much harder to find good MM content for those searching for it.

eh, i guess i will take another break for awhile.

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@Tim_MM_Hodler I would not worry Tim from your end. That list needed to be sorted out. And like CB said, I could not understand why certain people were even on there. When I first went to the million token page, I was honestly a big turned off, but I am not here to say who/what/why.

I am focused now on improving my content at this time. So want to do the best for myself and also for the community.

In the meanwhile, I don't do TA. You are still my technical analysis referral on YT. 😂😂

Sending those folks to you on everything charts, TA and crypto related!!!
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