Too many of ya'll are some pussy ass bitches that ain't holdin' MM.
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@beans Quality, spreading some love!
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@electronicknock Accurate! 😆 Enjoyed this one.
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Who just sold the 3,000 MM to the community whales who hoovered it up? Come on, own up and explain why, let's have a chat 😄
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one post on Metafora every day, keeps the doctor away
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Place bets on when MM will break through $10. The closest person gets eternal bragging rights.

I am saying 30th March.
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@chichoo_nomoney Gosh, $8 already! I think you might be right 🤩
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Artificial intelligence + Million Token = 🚀

I put the MM price chart through the machine learning ensemble algorithm at work (don't tell the boss!), this is what it chucked out. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. 😂

@Tim_MM_Hodler will be setting limit orders at $6.5 and $7 no bloody doubt.
@Web3BabySteps it's not TA...its better 🤖

*Lines are my own
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@CryptoBackstage Thanks, mate! I am the same as you, riding this all the way down to -∞ if needs be. I will pass it down to the grandkids🤣
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@beans Fingers crossed the robots can see something we cannot :D
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After your amazing suggestion, I did my homework:

you can find a new chart called "Whales Evolution By Date",

it shows the amount of holders with more than > 1000 MM on a specific date.

Let me know your thoughts!

PS: Dune is magic
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@dolphin The quality of your work is nuts
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I'm pretty close to being a whale guys! I just loaded up some more milliontoken. Do you know what the most bullish thing about milliontoken is? The founder is pretty much hands-off as it should be. The community is in full control over how they promote and the use cases around milliontoken. The main use case is and has always been the one million fixed supply! With inflation spreading like fire thru out the west and sanctioned countries people are going to be looking for alternatives to project the value of their money if not grow it. Bitcoin imo is too saturated not to mention the price might not be as attractive for people looking to buy more than one token. Right now you can literally buy 1mm for under 10$.

Picking a good investment isn't about buying it when everyone is talking about it's buying it when your gut feeling tells you not to buy it.
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@TL thank you for continuing the Million Pool. Total legend.
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Has the MM staking come to an end? Just noticed the website is showing a pool rate of 0 MM per week. If so it was great while it lasted.
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@2 Oh wow, I thought it still had a bit of juice left! Maybe he has something else planned?
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What is the usecase for million token ? i think is all a joke , a crypto for millionaire that sell energy drink and coffee , rap songs REALLY ? 3 merch stores with differents logo. Nfts from Vesper but even him dont believe in Million anymore. Defipro only profitable for Techlead because i cant see how its profitable directly or indirectly for Million Token. And please dont tell me Million Is so young , it will moon , it need to take time . I think all is BS . And by the way , its supposed to be what ? a social token ? , but Million Community is the most divided crypto community with a very bad leader . Some will say , no its a meme coin, but i only see faceapp video with techlead on or astronaut lion made by a poor designer ? Where all these supposed memes for this coin ? I think TL launched this coin just for using the liquidity pool on uniswap, because of these high returns. Metafora usecase ? profitable for who ? i only see Million Hodler shilling and fighting the coin. Please somebody , explain me
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@0x2560441287f1b59fa3cf101dc25dbb0ace355673 Perfect, thanks! (you think I am joking, haha)
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@electronicknock Thanks mate, you are spot on about my/our position. I expected more communication and collaboration from TL, as well as a vision to build something larger than himself - but I have thus far been proven wrong.

However, TL remains one of the larger influencers backing and building on a coin, which is valuable, and he does still possess the ability (not sure about the willingness) to build something magical, which again, is valuable

I absolutely am averaging down, because frankly when we control 15-20% of the supply we are in a position to perhaps spin this project into something great if TL really has given up (which I don't think he has for one second, he's just focused on making a shit ton of money from Defi pro, highlighting his business acumen, which again is valuable!)

Of course, if I could wind back time and buy everything at $5 then I would! Importantly, I do still believe in TL and MM but the price has clearly demonstrated that our timing was wrong.
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@electronicknock Yes, that's 15-20% just for myself + clients. It is hard to know exactly how many MM TL owns (secret wallets, etc), but it's easy to calculate that he is giving away 5% of the total supply every year with the staking contract as it stands. Most will assume that within 2-years TL will officially have only a nominal amount left (<1000MM).
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