News from the Discord:
The moderator VatoGodSupreme(Last MM Holder) is power abusing and muting people for no reason. And he is making up his own rules and fabricating "facts" about other communities and members. Just thought this should be brought up. People like him is the reason people lose faith in Million.

He is a corrupt moderator.
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The token is bridges across multiple blockchains and will always at least be worth $1.00 How hard is it to understand that it's a perfect hedge coin? There's governance and the very communication application that you're currently using to bitch and gripe on, censor free. This message brought to you by Million Token.
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The community here feels dead.
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You're early, people don't get it.
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Safemoon = 0.000000003
Shib = 0.000007
Luna = 0.00005
Tomb = 0.04
Million = FTW

Never going to 0 bitches.
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Decentralization is the key to winning against censorship. Support the cause by supporting yourself. Bank with Million Token.
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When's the last time you bagged some Million Token?
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Did you grab some MM today??? If you said no, you have a tiny pee pee.
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Remember when GAMESTONK happened and you weren't there, well now you're here but still being a bitch.
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Too many of ya'll are some pussy ass bitches that ain't holdin' MM.
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