I understand....

Which is why I picked up more Million token today.
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Picked up more Million today.

Gas fees less than $5.00

XRP wins.

Bull is starting up.

What ya'll trying to do?
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Check it out here: >>>>>>>>>>>>
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Can anyone advise... Million tokens are now on other cheaper exchanges and chains like Polygon. If I want to withdraw my deposited tokens to my Polygon Wallet how do I do that?
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You can use the app to deploy USDC to Polygon and then use QuickSwap swap for MM. When you're ready, bridge back to mainNet.
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What's your guess for Million Token in the next crypto bull cycle? Dead, pump below ATH or pump above ATH?
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This message board is a byproduct of Million Token. You can also join the liquidity pools to earn fees. There's still a lot going on here. If you're not stacking now, you're gonna be sadge next bull run.
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TL should start burning Million.
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It would make the token even more deflationary, why would you think it would negatively impact the price to start whittling from 1 Million MM to 1 MM?
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I dont understand how's this platform is playing with data without costing a gas fee. I can see that this isn't a on chain data but can anyone tell me how?😅😅
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It's simply a Web3 application that requires your wallet to interface with it. Since the data isn't "on chain" it doesn't require validation. The code only requires that you utilize your wallet and have enough Million Token to cover the amount of times you'd like to post or customize your profile.
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Million Token is by far the riskiest asset I have on my portfolio.
Where else are you going find a token that is currently 2x from its release with liquidity?
Any other Microcap you find has already pumped from 0 with next to no liquidity.
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Big things need to change for Million to get ready for the next stage. In short, the entire way in which MM took off was too short sighted.

1. To get listed to major exchanges, the token has to actually have a purpose beyond. "Time to make some money."

2. Project leads and mods of the discord have to stop trying to PUMP the token.

3. The entire "project team" needs to pretty much disappear or actually serve some purpose other than raids.

These are just a couple of examples of what needs to happen for MM to hit the big leagues. I have receipts.

I can prove that Million token is in position to be listed on Coinbase.

Don't believe me?

Send it up for a vote.
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New MEME coin ready for lift off. Don't be too late to the party everybody.
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News from the Discord:
The moderator VatoGodSupreme(Last MM Holder) is power abusing and muting people for no reason. And he is making up his own rules and fabricating "facts" about other communities and members. Just thought this should be brought up. People like him is the reason people lose faith in Million.

He is a corrupt moderator.
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The token is bridges across multiple blockchains and will always at least be worth $1.00 How hard is it to understand that it's a perfect hedge coin? There's governance and the very communication application that you're currently using to bitch and gripe on, censor free. This message brought to you by Million Token.
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The community here feels dead.
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You're early, people don't get it.
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Safemoon = 0.000000003
Shib = 0.000007
Luna = 0.00005
Tomb = 0.04
Million = FTW

Never going to 0 bitches.
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Decentralization is the key to winning against censorship. Support the cause by supporting yourself. Bank with Million Token.
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When's the last time you bagged some Million Token?
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Did you grab some MM today??? If you said no, you have a tiny pee pee.
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Remember when GAMESTONK happened and you weren't there, well now you're here but still being a bitch.
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