Guys, beware of the MM airdrop scam in the telegram group. I got banned for saying that it could be a scam.

Looks like the MM community just stooped to a new low.
Either the community telegram account got hacked, or someone is really trying to recoup their losses by scamming people.
How low can we go? I don't know. But at this rate, much much lower, and maybe never back up.
Not FUD, facts. Don't get scammed. Beware of fake airdrops that claim to double your tokens FREN.
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Like I said, exit pump. This is the first dump of many. We will see lower prices. Mark my words. xD

The truth, it hurts.
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Guys, be careful buying MM at this price. This looks like it could be an exit pump.
You heard it here first. If I'm wrong, then you have the bragging rights to say that I was wrong. But my hunches tell me we see lower prices.
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@dolphin, if you're the amazing developer of the MM dashboard on dune analytics, can you also add a section that looks at the amount (and % of MM) on exchanges?
This would include all MM in liquidity pools (ie. on DEXs) and all the MM on CEXs.

This is a really useful measure to determine how likely we are to pump.
Historically, if we're around 20% or more, it means we're bearish.
Last I checked Nansen, there was around 21% on exchanges which justifies the bearish trends.

The lower the value, the more likely we are to see a supply shock.

What do you think?

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sold half, still holding the other half
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Who's the developer of the MM dashboard on dune analytics?
How can I reach out to them?

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Which networks are included for the different holder charts?

Assuming that the Price & Holders is just Ethereum, whereas the other chart with the classes of holders includes most other networks, correct?
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After your amazing suggestion, I did my homework:

you can find a new chart called "Whales Evolution By Date",

it shows the amount of holders with more than > 1000 MM on a specific date.

Let me know your thoughts!

PS: Dune is magic
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@dolphin Excellent work!

What is your definition of "diamond hands"?
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@YouTube This was actually a good video. Kinda makes me more long-term bullish on MM.

But I'm still fairly certain TL continues to dump some of his bags / liquidity mine and is trying to generate more trading volume with these videos.

I still think we go lower and consolidate for months / years.

There's still insufficient volume for a V-shaped recovery.
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Next support at $4, then from there $3s and then $1s, and we consolidate there for a while.
Maybe V-shaped recovery if the whales and TL have reabsorbed enough supply.
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@Kolio Never traded leverage, never will.
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