@Jean-Michel-Basquiat thanks for keeping the wide range of content on metafora. cheers.
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@NFTDailyNews Nice video mate! Received further clarification from Doggy Dao support - "To get a pair listed in the woof pool (earn bone), it needs to be in the top 30 by votes, with only the top 50 by liquidity being eligible". This is subject to change as the Doggy Dao is currently in its first of many phases.
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After Doggy Dao's 2nd vote, the MM-SHIB pair has moved to a Woof pool where LP providers receive additional incentives in the form of "Bone" to provide liquidity - Bone is from theShibaSwap ecosystem.

LPs for MM-SHIB are currently receiving 600%+ APY ( )

MM-SHIB can remain on the next Doggy Dao vote should it continue to be top 50 in liquidity size. It is currently at 37/50. ( sort by liquidity here: )

Top LP providers can be found here:

Important to note that the second largest LP provider for MM-SHIB pool has a $2M account:

Should MM-SHIB continue to maintain it's LP size, it will continually be considered by the Doggy Dao vote and naturally, attract the yield hungry DeFi users on ShibaSwap. As a result, it will continue to create an interest to hold MM and create visibility for the token.
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@Reprobus2 @NFTDailyNews @JamesHuckle @CryptoBackstage @Tim_MM_Hodler Perhaps you guys can check this out for your YT content/analysis. This is a nice way into the Shib ecosystem and convert some of their holders. Cheers.
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@KingAwesome the APY fluctuates as the LP size fluctuates. But to get a good calculation, you can take a look at the $2M account's transaction history. How big their portion is, when their pool started, how many rewards they have accumulated thus far etc.
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@NextGenCrypto Thanks for the practical insight my man. FYI @NFTDailyNews
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Artificial intelligence + Million Token = 🚀

I put the MM price chart through the machine learning ensemble algorithm at work (don't tell the boss!), this is what it chucked out. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. 😂

@Tim_MM_Hodler will be setting limit orders at $6.5 and $7 no bloody doubt.
@Web3BabySteps it's not TA...its better 🤖

*Lines are my own
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@JamesHuckle April just around the corner.... !
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Just checking in. 2022 will bring a few projects. I’m heading one of the projects myself. I can’t wait for a show and tell
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@reillin.eth okay, but only if you drop some poetry with it!!!
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Hi, I am Rakibul Hasan I love metaverse.
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Any one in here use Binance?
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Hey Lions, wanted to announce our RoaR!NFT launch date on March 20th you can check our website
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@DonDee_Dacrypto Nice! Congrats. Are you planning to integrate with the MM community?
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Just set up my METAFORA.
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@YouTube MillionToken shill~
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@OnlineMeditate So many avatars to choose from.... Looking at the robot ... but hard to ditch the LION!
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