Place bets on when MM will break through $10. The closest person gets eternal bragging rights.

I am saying 30th March.
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@JamesHuckle at this rate i go for 25th Mar
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@chichoo_nomoney Gosh, $8 already! I think you might be right 馃ぉ
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@JamesHuckle it almost did , caught $9.41 on gate io earlier .......really mind-blowing
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@okezebasil01 the vibe is like the first two weeks after the token debut
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@JamesHuckle I'm going to be even more bullish and go with 27th March! #pumpingrightnow
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@JamesHuckle Today.. already $9.10 on BSC with a spike to $11
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looks like $10 is still a challenge.
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@chichoo_nomoney Yes, it's easy to get carried away when things start to pump. I am sticking with 27th March though. Let's see.
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