Has the MM staking come to an end? Just noticed the website is showing a pool rate of 0 MM per week. If so it was great while it lasted.
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@JamesHuckle I'm keeping mine in there for now. Watching closely to see if anything changes.
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@ohmyvyom Good to know! Glad I didn't panic take anything out. Every little bit of $MM helps
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Hi, Team,

Has anybody purchased
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@MM-Matt Glad you posted this. I'm looking forward to his upcoming review of the course(s)
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Giving away 500 Hearts to every Metafora account who likes, follows, and comments!

Hearts can be used to bid in the live NFT Art Auction coming up on Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 7 pm US Central at

This promotion lasts only for 24 hours and will end at NOON (12pm US Central time) on Thursday.

The 500 Hearts is in addition to the 500 bonus hearts you will receive for creating a new account.

See you at the auction tomorrow and make sure to check out our metaverse at

- Misol & Astro
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@hearts this is going to be epic. Glad to be a part of hearts!
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@JamesHuckle This is a great idea. Would love to see it implemented.
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@lamuie.eth undervalued but in the near future many will wish they had accumulated more during these times
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Which will happen first this year? 🤔

$BTC $70,000
$ETH $5,000
$BNB $1,000
$SOL $500
$ADA $10
$AVAX $500
$DOGE $1
$SHIB $0.0001
$MATIC $10
$LINK $100
$FTM $10
$MANA $10
$SAND $10
$GALA $1
#BabyDoge $0.00000001
$ELON $0.00001
$FLOKI $0.0001
#SAFEMOON: $0.01
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@TL you are very selfish I understand why Shads /Misol/ diablo and many people left the community
Csuse you are not grateful person
If I can't get an answer from you after all I have done for the community so be it
Wait for my today video at the end
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@TimeTraveler Only posting here because years from now people will ask what was the earliest thing you remember about Metafora. Many will mention the story of the lost 152 MM tokens. I will tell my grandkids I was there
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Looks like 2022 is going to be an epic year for $MM hodlers and Metaforans!

Keep your eye on the long term prize - $MM beating $BTC!

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Please someone follow me
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Sounds risky.
Where are you going?
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I look forward to the day that my kid and grandchildren tell me about this new, hip web 3 service called Metafora all the cool kids are using.
And I can tell them, grandpa has been there since day one.
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One day closer to becoming a million token millionaire.
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I’m 60 yrs old and I’m in the Metaverse.

Yeee hawww!
Fasten your seatbelts!
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Tried to tell a friend about MM today. His response was, Im not going to buy that for $12 when I can get others for 0.000001 or less.
I'll wait a year or so and show him this post when MM is over $1000
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One of the best decisions I made in 2021 was to stake my MM
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Comment with bad life advice.
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I calling it now, MM to 2022 in 2022!
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I notice a lot of new usernames. Wonder how many are here now? @TL maybe we get get a user/member number in an upcoming update? Would be cool to watch Metafora grow
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@God Thanks for actually answering me after years of praying 🙏
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