U can be the fuel the shoot us to the moon get while it's good #MillionToken
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Feeling bullish on #milliontoken you guys just wanted to say that. Maybe I'm just an idiot but why wouldn't you want an asset 20x times more scarce than $btc. I think that the people of Afghanistan and Iraq you know countries that the US has devasted can benefit from #milliontoken, especially at these entry points. Protect yourself from the biggest scam of all fiat money..haha

good night everyone! I'm gonna watch a movie and fall asleep to it.
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$4 soon FRENS ;)
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@electronicknock All good! Looking at a big entry point at 2$. You can go to the mall and spend your money on girl who won't remember you a year from now or buy #milliontoken.
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Hi Everyone, if you haven't watched my last video already please do or just read this post. Effective immediately I will be starting a new youtube channel that will be dedicated to #milliontoken to make others aware of its qualities in that it is 20x times more scarce than BTC, etc.

I'm looking for suggestions for the new milliontoken channel which will be focused on the store of wealth products namely milliontoken. Please throw some keywords or names you all would like me to consider for my youtube channels. I'm open to all suggestions and feedback. Thanks, Team!!
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Hi, Team, Please watch my latest video!! Big changes coming to CryptoBackstage. I'm going to be posting something a little later as I will need to communities help in coming up with ideas for the new direction we are taking when it comes to #milliontoken content on youtube. Enjoy!
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I’m liking the look of this #MillionToken weekly candle🤞🏻

I’m happy to say I picked up another DCA today under $6 on BSC. Patience is key 🦁
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Gobble gobble. DCAing #MillionToken. Quest for a 1k bag.
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@0x3fd30ace3fd501163754158c9f282c026cd55337 Other than my first few buys on Uniswap/ETH, everything else has been on Polygon Quickswap. I use MEXC and Kucoin to get my Matic.

@turpija Nice question. It makes up a small portion of my entire investment portfolio. It has one purpose - a speculative play that is solely dedicated to achieving a relatively faster means to financial freedom. This would mean a few $B in #MillionToken market cap. I'm in no rush and completely ok if this play never happens in my lifetime.

If I manage to get above a 1k bag, the additional tokens could be used for profit taking to satisfy that itch.

@BankHead Thanks! I’m about 20 tokens away :)
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MM influencers, telling your fam and frens to catch a falling knife is criminal.
Don't be a criminal like @Reprobus2, @MM-Matt, and @NFTDailyNews. They hurt their friends. They've been shilling the token since almost ~100+% higher than current prices.

You want to be a good fren, tell your fren to buy when there's bullish confirmation.

Be like @TimeTraveler and @WannaBeMillionaire who understand the truth.
The truth is, we're not bullish, until we're bullish. And right now, MM is bearish.
Don't catch a falling knife. Death by a thousand cuts hurts.

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@NFTDailyNews Personally, I will never join another community that FUDs #MillionToken $MM. Because it's all about character. By FUDDing another community on and on their own platform and while growing your own community behind the scenes, you are dishonest and the worst type of people in the crypto space. You will never be successful in life. And the people around you will detest and hate your company.
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Had to reinstall MetaMask in order to fix the wallet connection issues with Metafora. Quick fix. DCA'd more today on Polygon - LFG #MillionToken.
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@TL doesn't have to talk about $MM constantly, this isn't a security. To be soley reliant on the performance of one individual is unrealistic and not a great strategy for a decentralised asset

There's nothing stopping our DAO from creating #MillionToken content, we're all in this together. Eventually those who have stayed true to the cause will be better off, this is a long term play
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The #MillionToken daily RSI is currently testing support, chances are this is a good buying opportunity (NFA)
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ty @BankHead hope you're well buddy

The #MillionToken community stand strong together!
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Interesting formation on the #MillionToken 3 day chart

This falling wedge will break bullish at some point, there's so many of us diamond handed lions who are prepared to buy at these lovely low prices with the intention of holding for long term gains
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