I am the Time Traveler dare not doubt Me

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MM at 1.50$ was a reality where is my haters
MM at 10,000 will be a reality
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MM Fam what is New?
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Do Your own thing brother don't be a sheep, Don't wait for it to come to you chase it
That Person is for his own success
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@JustinBieber tell that to your hungry family stupid ass
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@TL can you build a gauge or doughnut chart powered by AI that will scan thru @TimeTraveler comments on #metafora to give the end-user an idea of how full of shit he was at the time he posted. Thanks!

Actually, you might be able to get away posting static images since he's full shit 100% of the time.
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@CryptoBackstage I made you video viral at lease for today people will go watch since you are a clout chaser you will get the clout on your video today
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@CryptoBackstage 3days 40views
Clout chasing on my name 40views in 1h
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Being quiet 🤫🤫🤫 why you have to mention me in a negative way on your videos stop mentioning me
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@CryptoBackstage stop crying or playing the victim when you arebthe one that started it bitch I never mention you along my situation going on why do you have to put my name again on your shit
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You haters keep talking all day I Keep brokering Milliontoken (MM) to my People you should do the same and stop wasting your time in social media time is priceless get yourself busy or get a job

The number growing 10 more people join today with their wallets set🤣🤣🤣📈🙏💯🙌🕊
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Return to sender
I gave it to pasted and never had it tracked
By the early next morning, I couldn’t get it back
Vitalik wrote upon it,
don’t return to sender,
Address unknown,
No such hashes
It’s in the burn zone.
I had a booboo, a TT spat,
I write I’m sorry, but my mm ain’t coming back.
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Close your eyes keep moving  -keep movin
You are blessing -you are different -From day one
carry on it -wont kill you- don't say anything
Show them no weakness you are their superman
Never doubt - never even- in your deep mind
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