Product developer IRL, artist by night (music / digital), gamer when ever free. MM masochist! (LFG to $ZERO haha)
Gobble gobble. DCAing #MillionToken. Quest for a 1k bag.
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@beans what's the current cheapest easiest way to buy? I never want to buy and convert another #ETH as long as I live
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@Mya although your tactics of spamming are annoying af, you make a lot of good points. We all took the hopium, but it should be no surprise, @TL is not a character, its really him.. and he really doesn't give a fuck and has moved on. No communication or updates, Defi pro does seem pretty cool tho lol. Wish i didn't blow my bag on $MM.
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@NFTDailyNews You're right, and I appreciate @Mya! Its healthy and constructive to have contrarian views. We simply have too many million token apologists, there are legitimate concerns that should be considered before buying this crypto.

I honestly want to see $MM flat and sideways for a few months. Hopefully these good points being made convince the paper hands to fold and short-term opportunist to look elsewhere. There is nothing to be hype about here.
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Who's paying crypto tax this year? I'm scared 😭
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@SteveJobless There are ways to make this an open source project so that @TL doesn't have to do all the work himself, but for now I think he just regards this as an experiment.

Your comment is spot on though, if metafora is not going forward, it will quickly get passed up by shitcoininufora. Imagine if shiba and its hundreds of thousands of holders simply cloned this site... it would be a major blow.
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Bitcoin going to $30k... Soon..

It is blockchain 1.0 after all, who wants antiquated crypto?
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@TL how about a feature that hides low quality post / threads. Maybe a rating or reputation system. Don't want this to be spamfora 😂
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first metafora comment - so basically opensea is actually closedsea, and they're using google cloud for hosting sometimes
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@0x9706ad9024bc8d62dc6f849b80c710ca8167f577 The idea that opensea could one day forget to pay their domain bill and 100's of $millions of NFT would disappear is crazy!
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What's the chances of 100k bitcoin in 2022?

That's so much freaking cash that needs to be poured into ancient block chain tech... but given that jp morgan and other boomer financials are all in, it might happen sooner than later once the recover goes into swing
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Nice progress coming along for the site! We need some iOS/Android metamask in app browser support, and night mode.

$MM is sort of tanking, but great buying opportunity you know. Crypto bears are mauling everything 😭, this will be an easy double in about a month.
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So, is TL building this site all by himself? That's a crazy amount of responsibility... but then again, he has a crazy amount of time to pull this off lol
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I wouldn't mind paying 0.000000000000000001 MM per post, if it was immutable.
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Who else staked their entire $MM wallet? Now i have to use jazzicon profile pic like a crypto peasant
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Leaving tips in MM would be amazing... but it cost too much gas fee. Still, if anyone wants to send me a tip i'll take your erc20 without an issue lol
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Very nice, an great use case, some stuff for future roadmap: search function, hashtags, categories, groups, links, and media attachments.

Future future, some day I can sell NFT art from my profile page, NFTs that can only be viewed / played on metafora(?). So many potential.
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