Hello Million Community, @CRYPTOP0LLS here, finally made it onto metafora 馃槈
I hope you enjoy the new #NFT project PixelBotNFT, and don't worry there will be something Million related added along the way 馃槈

Discord :
Has the blocking feature been implemented? I'm not seeing any of the pathetic FUD posts anymore but I think they are still happening. Anyone else noticed a difference?
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@Reprobus2 same here!
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How is everyone on Metafora today? 馃槑
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@NFTDailyNews cool man!, night off for me :)
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@Reprobus2 looks real nice this one! Rare 馃挴
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@Reprobus2 looking forward to the video as always mate! :)
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Pixel G #23 - 0.0048 ETH (polygon) - FIRST 50 PURCHASES BECOME FOUNDERS!

馃煛Gold Background (13%)
馃數Blue Body (18%)
馃敶Red Triangle Glasses (5%)
馃敶Baker Boy Hat Red (3%)
馃煝Green Head (6%)
馃敶Red Mask (9%)
鈿煙ilver and Gold Long Necklace (5%)

#NFT #NFTCommunity #NFTCollection #PixelGs
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@NFTDailyNews Thanks for the shout out NFT Daily! glad you like them! 馃榿
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First post! 馃

Hello Metafora family, i have launched a new #NFT project PixelBotNFT, the first edition to the family is available now, the Pixel G's!

As well as being almost as much of a Rockstar as @techleadhd, the Pixel G's are uploaded to IPFS with metadata (decentralized) and also give you:
馃敻Entry into our Monthly giveaway's! 馃挵
馃敻A chance to vote on what happens to our community purse! 馃憶
馃敻A chance to vote on the charity purse! 馃憶
馃敻A soon to be thriving discord community! 馃槈
馃敻Last but not least, an eye catching profile photo! 馃憖
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@Reprobus2 haha you can never own too many Pixel G's! ;), thanks for the support though mate, im excited to design something for the community!
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@cristianfuentes.eth it would be unfair to the current buyers if i was to do that mate :P these are real decentralized assets uploaded to IPFS, invest the $15, who knows you could win in the monthly draw $$! 馃憤
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