A few struggles for Metafora to beat other platforms:
1) Not enough advertisement
2) Not enough incentives
3) Not enough integration with other Web3.0 dapps

Please add more to give feedbacks to the developers.
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@0xb69308fba4929c57ad273641dff564efa743f09b This was a quick hr build from @TL to increase volume. Thats how he is making money. When volume drops to below 5K a day, he will drop something else to entertain people for a few weeks.
Million Token is the best shit coin at this point, bur its still a worthless shit coin.. lol
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When all BTC are mined how do miners earn the mining fee?
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@0xb69308fba4929c57ad273641dff564efa743f09b dude. you're trash if this impacts you... LOL... i like you, but this makes you sound like the weakest POS ever to exist. plz die... that helps everyone.
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Elon Musk is thinking about making a twitter competitor. I think it is a very important development that we all need as free speech and hate speech are being threatened big time. But I of course will have to reiterate that if one cannot say mean words on a social media website then it is by no means "free speech". Lets all hope that whatever becomes popular in the 2030s allows for public use of the words faggot, nigger, etc. not because everyone should use them. but because they're 'the great filter' of censorship. if you ban one word, you have shown you will ban them all. look at there is no end to their word banning with words like "simp" and "virgin" being banned. it's classic propaganda to ban any word. you're trying to restrict the way people think and express themselves. which as Elon Musk says, is antithetical to what a democracy is all about.
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@Flock It sounds like you're the one that does not understand free speech because social media has never had free speech. When people say free speech they are referring to the US Supreme Court standard. That is what people want from Social Media, but none are brave enough to give it to them.
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@Flock you get a 30 day ban for calling someone an idiot on Facebook. Twitter bans people posting factual information like Tucker Bidens laptop (until a week or 2 ago). I would like some a platform that allows at least all that, but I think everything should be allowed (outside anything illegal by US law and the Supreme Court). No platform allows that.
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Does anyone know why babydoge eth is a different price to bsc and if this price difference can be exploited.
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@Flock lol. @TL cultists are now publicly working out how to scam people since your cult leader scammed you?? lol
You should ask @TL tips on scamming directly. Not publicly... Fkn morons lol...
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@Tim_MM_Hodler hey tim, i saw your post on metafora. smart post. no lie, but not telling people MM has had these tiny pumps a million times was smart. if they don't know how poorly MM has done historically, we can trick them into buying. keep up the posts. let me know if I can help.
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what happened to the fury porn? it was best content to date.
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@dolphin, if you're the amazing developer of the MM dashboard on dune analytics, can you also add a section that looks at the amount (and % of MM) on exchanges?
This would include all MM in liquidity pools (ie. on DEXs) and all the MM on CEXs.

This is a really useful measure to determine how likely we are to pump.
Historically, if we're around 20% or more, it means we're bearish.
Last I checked Nansen, there was around 21% on exchanges which justifies the bearish trends.

The lower the value, the more likely we are to see a supply shock.

What do you think?

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@electronicknock add a section showing all the profit different made.. show people the truth. 2% of people make money from MM, as is the plan. 98% are stagnant, as is the plan.
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@electronicknock @dolphin is useless. he is pathetic. Aquaman sucks big and small dick.
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Hoho ...-20% .... lfg🚀🚀🚀🚀 always funny to play with you guys
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@0x2560441287f1b59fa3cf101dc25dbb0ace355673 haha... you didn't change anything. all the sells are from me.
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Look at these three wonderful children. If you made decisions that led to young children dying, you should consider a pill party. Kids are pure gold. You don't protect them, you are trash. @KimKardashian @CoffeeziIIa @Coca-Cola
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Wen jacuzzi moon party?
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@0x2560441287f1b59fa3cf101dc25dbb0ace355673 MM could do well, but they have people like Kelly that potentially caused multiple child deaths on the admin team. Its a failed project.
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The fact that the new TL video wasn’t posted here says a lot about metafora. 😂😂😂 all that complaints.

“We need dark mode”

“We need to change the logo”

I’m sorry but as a community we are weak 😂 metafora should be booming as a uncensored media platform 😂
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@Flock It's not censorship free. Go post a porn post from Twitter and share it here. Admins will delete it very quickly. This has more censorship than Twitter. Same goes for anything the admin finds too politically charged, racist, gay (a few admins are really anti-lbgti), etc.
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Could anyone advice who`s the admin here?
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@cristianfuentes.eth just look for any of the MyFan pics I post from Twitter. They get deleted within 30min.
Metafora uses censorship a lot more than Twitter or RUMBLE or GAB or any other. Metafora is fun my prudes with no social media management experience.
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