@beans you beat me to it!
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Metafora logo is updated, congratulations to for winning the design contest. Nice team effort from our Discord, special thanks to CryptoQueen24 & admins for organizing.
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does metafora accept ENS integration?? dope project @techleadhd
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@0x71bf184230bf6d412854fffef1fcf88e62395e8b yes ENS is supported. Take note for ENS to work you need to properly map the name to the address, as well as from the address back to the name for reverse resolution. I think the ENS website has more information on how to do this.
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I think ETH is mostly "group think" / "herd mentality" at this point. It's not necessarly worth anything, the technology is frankly trash... It was first to market, antiquated by now. Most people (and defi projects) are on Polygon, Solana, Fantom, Avax or more scalable chains. Just my $0.02.
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You've from silicon valley, you go tell those Apple dudes they need to push out an optional miner app you get on your apple devices that mines special coins only if ran on an authentic Apple product and not some hackintosh android gizmo. Apple users need their own blockchain network to co-validate each other's identities!
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We're off to a great start! If you want to help, let's get Metafora trending on Google SEO.
Google the words "web 3 social network metafora" and click on the first link to help boost our search rankings!
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Dark theme is more PRO.
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Hey, I think we can "Reply" now.
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@MM-Matt sure, changed the sort order
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