Which will happen first this year? 🤔

$BTC $70,000
$ETH $5,000
$BNB $1,000
$SOL $500
$ADA $10
$AVAX $500
$DOGE $1
$SHIB $0.0001
$MATIC $10
$LINK $100
$FTM $10
$MANA $10
$SAND $10
$GALA $1
#BabyDoge $0.00000001
$ELON $0.00001
$FLOKI $0.0001
#SAFEMOON: $0.01
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~(_8(I) #ETH will hit over $5,000 before coming down again this year.
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Gobble gobble. DCAing #MillionToken. Quest for a 1k bag.
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@beans what's the current cheapest easiest way to buy? I never want to buy and convert another #ETH as long as I live
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JUST IN: #ETH Whale has just purchased 426,007,000,000 $SHIB worth over $8,699,000 🤯
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JUST IN: $15M (4.6k #ETH) reportedly hacked and stolen from
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Bitcoin’s price remains relatively stable as #Cardano spikes 30% in a week
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On this day last year

1 $BTC: $33,922.96
1 $ETH: $1,043.43
1 $BNB: $38.11
1 $SOL: $3.61
1 $ADA: $0.287
1 $LUNA: $0.7470
1 $AVAX: $7.78
1 $MATIC: $0.02609
1 $CRO: $0.06501
1 $MANA: $0.1103
1 $AXS: $0.4499
1 $SAND: $0.03779
1 #SAFEMOON: Didn’t exist
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#Everrise announces their 5th dApp, #EverSwap

You can now swap $BNB, $ETH, $MATIC for $RISE and taxes will be taken in the form of native coins instead of RISE.

Want to go cross-chain? EverSwap supports that too with a Native Coin Swap feature
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Friendly reminder to my fellow Millionaires, if you're a long time Ethereum user, and you think you've spent more than $1559 in gas fees;

1. go-to to claim your free tokens!
2. go-to Stake them by delegating them to me to earn rewards!
3. You'll be letting me vote for you on
4. You can also participate by delegating to yourself, delegating costs gas, voting is gas-less!

Gas DAO aims to give a voice to the most active Ethereum/EVM users a voice in the EIP process. Call it an exotic pair, but I might be happy to provide liquidity for $GAS/$MM on Uniswap!

Their governance is ran a bit tighter too, might be worth reassessing how MM's Snapshot is moderated***
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@OGweb3 Unclaimed tokenburn looks nearly set to occur on Jan14 1PM UTC; the proposal end in an hour. The amount claimed is A LOT smaller than 1 Trillion; current total supply.
193 Billion in circulation. Marketcap $6 Million. Nearly all the liquidity is paired in $GAS/$ETH [1%]. lol
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Thanks @NFTDailyNews for the overwhelming quality content. I've always wondered about bridges like $AVAX and the HODLERS there. I think TL setup the infrastructure after realizing very quickly after launching #milliontoken that #eth has some big problems that prevent you doing anything without paying exorbitant fees to transact on eth. We may not be seeing these users but sometime this year or next they will pay off. Thanks for all your hard work again!

#metafora fam Please subcribe to NFT Daily News!
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Crypto returns in the past year:

#SHIB: +52,601,740%
#AxieInfinity: +18,336%
#Terra: +15,429%
#SAND: +16,100
#MATIC: +14,690%
#SOL: +13,232%
#MANA: +4,691%
#DOGE: +4,133%
#AVAX: +3,936%
#BNB: +1,461%
#ADA: +783%
#ETH: +460%
#Uniswap: +425%
#DOT: +396%
#XRP: +328%
#Bitcoin: +90%
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yes, ADA will recover. ADA is probably the most undervalued crypto in the top 20 along with LINK. ADA has had some problems with smart contracts. They promised smart contracts a long time ago and they still do not have them up and working. ADA is also just now looking into using rollups, which #ETH & #MATIC are already working on.

ADA will eventually get out of this rut, likely some time in the next 3 months. And the current prices will be considered probably near the bottom for the project.
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