Feeling bullish on #milliontoken you guys just wanted to say that. Maybe I'm just an idiot but why wouldn't you want an asset 20x times more scarce than $btc. I think that the people of Afghanistan and Iraq you know countries that the US has devasted can benefit from #milliontoken, especially at these entry points. Protect yourself from the biggest scam of all fiat money..haha

good night everyone! I'm gonna watch a movie and fall asleep to it.
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Always buy the dip! Best time for accumulating wealth in crypto! $MM #BTC #VRA #EGLD #SOL #GALA #THG #SOUL #FTM #AVAX 🚀🎯🌙
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@TL knocking it out of the park again with premium insight!

This recent dip in $BTC price was whales realizing profits into stablecoins and altcoins, because they know that altcoin season is upon us with the rising popularity of NFTs on L2 + blockchains that don't cost nearly as much to collect art on. These whales will be realizing profits back into BTC as the altcoins start pumping.

We're not in a Bull or Bear market; We're in a Crab market! Whales are going to fight $100k and get rich from altcoin action until the media starts hyping Bitcoin, then parabola, then mass frustration, no-coiners invest so the next cycle of shaking out weak hands begins.... markets like to follow the path of most pain.

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Which will happen first this year? 🤔

$BTC $70,000
$ETH $5,000
$BNB $1,000
$SOL $500
$ADA $10
$AVAX $500
$DOGE $1
$SHIB $0.0001
$MATIC $10
$LINK $100
$FTM $10
$MANA $10
$SAND $10
$GALA $1
#BabyDoge $0.00000001
$ELON $0.00001
$FLOKI $0.0001
#SAFEMOON: $0.01
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On this day last year

1 $BTC: $33,922.96
1 $ETH: $1,043.43
1 $BNB: $38.11
1 $SOL: $3.61
1 $ADA: $0.287
1 $LUNA: $0.7470
1 $AVAX: $7.78
1 $MATIC: $0.02609
1 $CRO: $0.06501
1 $MANA: $0.1103
1 $AXS: $0.4499
1 $SAND: $0.03779
1 #SAFEMOON: Didn’t exist
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Looks like 2022 is going to be an epic year for $MM hodlers and Metaforans!

Keep your eye on the long term prize - $MM beating $BTC!

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#Bitcoin $BTC

Bull Market or Bear Market ? Which are we currently in now.
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How's everyone handling this dump?
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Dont panic guys this #BTC dip will pass like nothing happen .accumulate #MillionToken
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