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@chichoo_nomoney There's a lot of users on there with like $3 bucks and a thousand followers.

I'm mostly on there because I want to solidify my decentralized reputation. I have one of the oldest keys I've seen on the site and I've submitting lots of proposals.

Jump in if you feel inclined!
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@chichoo_nomoney Thank you for telling me that, that limits the barrier to entry on the platform. Maybe that ensures some level of quality posts. There's a lot of duplicate proposals for zksync on there, lol
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War is hell, but bear markets are good for buyers... it's so confusing. 🤔
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Go set up a profile on DeBank and follow me & I'll follow back:
This will boost our social score if we follow eachother!
Top 100k users can submit proposals to whitelist tokens, NFT collections and liquidity pools!
Top 10k users can mint an exclusive WEB3 ID NFT to certify you as an emergent DeFi economist world wide!

We are the most active Ethereum users!
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I need your help to do us both a favor when you have time.

1. Go-to, connect your MetaMask wallet and use it to create your account

2. Go-to; follow my profile and I'll follow you back

This will boost my social score so I can propose to list projects on the site!
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Giving away 500 Hearts to every Metafora account who likes, follows, and comments!

Hearts can be used to bid in the live NFT Art Auction coming up on Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 7 pm US Central at

This promotion lasts only for 24 hours and will end at NOON (12pm US Central time) on Thursday.

The 500 Hearts is in addition to the 500 bonus hearts you will receive for creating a new account.

See you at the auction tomorrow and make sure to check out our metaverse at

- Misol & Astro
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@hearts You da real Metafora MVP!! Can't wait to yeet my HEARTS right back at'cha!
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If @TL can generate more hype around this project in regards to the announcements and updates I think it'd really improve the punching power of Million Token

This space is all about HYPE!!!
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"DeFi is the killer app of cryptocurrency!" - @TL 2022

I view DeFi as the passive income floor developers stand on while they try making their own dapps and ecosystems. It can be daunting sifting through all the projects and know which to support; follow active communities and support low level startups; #DYOR!

This video has enough information to turn some people into #Millionaires!
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Wow, is $MM really only 200 days old?! Time flies when you vive la web3 revolution!
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Hey guys, I have an interesting question, don't know why I didn't thought about it earlier. We have supply of 1 000 000 coins and a lot of holders. Who are we buying from? For example I'm not going to sell my coins unless the price is measured in thousands.

So right now (as I understand) we're buying from markets, which some of guys sell to. But if we (holders) buy every single coin and stop selling, the price will increase drastically, because we will create deficit and no one will be able to buy a single MM but on our conditions.

So what I suggest is to participate in buying our coins off market. It should be done in waves. Let's imagine, we (a hundred pals) agreed to buy some more coins at the same time tomorrow. We do it -> price go up -> some of this hundred sell instantly to gain the profit, but part of the coins are in our hands. So we repeat this "wave of buying" until we (true holders) have all the coins in our hand. Now we can control the future. What do you say?
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@RomanistHere Welcome to the void, where freedom and anarchy are virtually indistinguishable.
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Which #altcoin will 10x this week? 🧐
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A project of Million Token. FAQ