Just a thought. My opinion only. Not the entire community:

I do not really rant as that is not my nature, but if we cannot put a block on people putting inappropriate images on so I do not see their stuff, and it does not interfere with my work, then why don't we put this app on time out until it is ready?

I will come back quickly to it when there is a filter. If there are kids under the age of 18 viewing this stuff, it is not a good look. I also do not think this feature will take time to integrate either.

Or let's put this as a work in progress and close it to the rest of the internet. Just for any MM holder with a certain amount of tokens can "beta" test this. I don't mind doing that. That is another option. Apologies for the rant, but I am not interested in looking at porn on this platform by malicious individuals. And obviously, these specific individuals are trying to hurt this brand that everyone has created and supported.

And also while we beta test, we can offer featu
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A Quick easy fix is to disable preview, while maintaining censorship free by allowing any links to be posted.
This should be good enough, don't be so triggered by mere porn images, what are you? A monk? LOL.
And kids these days are exposed to porn way earlier than 18 years and having sex to, don't get me wrong, am NOT supporting porn on Metafora, but supporting censorship freedom.
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Do we sell the dump or buy the dip ?
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There should be a “recent” tab for these post. They’re all over. Or simply have the older posts get pushed back and the most recent stay upfront.
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You misunderstood.
They are not all over.
Any posts that has a reply gets pushed to the front, this is by design.
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We're off to a great start! If you want to help, let's get Metafora trending on Google SEO.
Google the words "web 3 social network metafora" and click on the first link to help boost our search rankings!
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Let us know if there are other keywords, I don't care if it is page 10 on Google
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Who is more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?
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Who is more blind?
The blind or the blind leading the blind?
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 __/     \
/      ●  ●
|       ▼ |
|       亠 ノ
U ̄U ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄U ̄U
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Crypto returns in the past year:

#SHIB: +52,601,740%
#AxieInfinity: +18,336%
#Terra: +15,429%
#SAND: +16,100
#MATIC: +14,690%
#SOL: +13,232%
#MANA: +4,691%
#DOGE: +4,133%
#AVAX: +3,936%
#BNB: +1,461%
#ADA: +783%
#ETH: +460%
#Uniswap: +425%
#DOT: +396%
#XRP: +328%
#Bitcoin: +90%
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I know that 100% is 2x, anything above 100%, my mind can't compute, I mean how many X is 15,000% anyway?
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Here's a long read but a fascinating insight into the human condition:
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I am deeply appreciative of this newly gained knowledge.
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Hey, I think we can "Reply" now.
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@astro3710 what happened to Misol the bitch? lol
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LOL he mad because Metafora is similar to lionchat I think.
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Awesome ideia. Please change the logo. Metafora will be the CRYPTO SOCIAL NETWORK!
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There is nothing wrong with the logo.
You just don't know art.
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@jonheaven Why is it bad ? Bad story or good story?
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We are seeing replies first before we see the OP.
My suggestion for improvement is that we sort my oldest first plus latest date, with page 1 being the latest date, first post being the oldest, just a little tweak on the SQL.
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@gee80 Merry Christmas bud
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@calvinyong Singaporean or Malaysian ?
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@DonDee_Dacrypto Hey there Telegram admin
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What is this Tech Assist ?
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@TL Unlimited scrolling instead of pages, what do you think ?
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