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@NextGenCrypto I made a swap during this. I haven't checked on my wallet since last week, and it looks like everything from my Metamask was withdrawn.

I'm pretty conservative about using metamask and DeFi as well. I'm curious how my wallet was compromised.
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R3WIRED   ·   1 day ago  
yo yo yo whos on this
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@NFTDailyNews You cover a lot of NFT subjects here Steve.
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Educrypt Social is now LIVE!!!

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hannyta   ·   4 days, 22 hrs ago Why is my staking rewards down to 0.00?Anyone knows? Supposed to be around 20% same as when it started.
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@hannyta Staking will only last as long as TL gives away his own Tokens. I doubt he will add more after this. His gone from almost becoming a billionaire in crypto to barley having a million in crypto.. lol...
TL gave up many many months ago. You're here thanks to hype from long time losers.. People that lost it all and want you to buy up so the can sell.. :) Good luck.
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will the market be up?
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We’ll wake up to a greatly/neatly polished meta fora in the foreseeable future. Mark this fora
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@okezebasil01 I think you might be right. @TL is showing more interest in MM again and when he puts his mind to something it's pretty impressive :)
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