I provied LP tokens into MM/USDC Farm on quickswap on the old website, now i cant see the Farm anymore.. any ideas? 0x164a74cd08e6a0851fbe74b16e5e18d02c5e86f6 thats the contract i was providing to
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Is there any video about LUNA crash from TL lately?
I just want to hear his analytics.
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@CryptoMillions hahaha awesome. I didn't see this on SNL. Funny.
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@NFTDailyNews I didn't know you released podcast 1. Youtube always show me your videos but not yesterday. I will start with #1.
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@NFTDailyNews Yes this was classic NFT Daily. Good job.
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Does anyone know why babydoge eth is a different price to bsc and if this price difference can be exploited.
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@Flock I saw some Youtubers talk about arbitrage bots. But I don't know about that a lot.
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After Doggy Dao's 2nd vote, the MM-SHIB pair has moved to a Woof pool where LP providers receive additional incentives in the form of "Bone" to provide liquidity - Bone is from theShibaSwap ecosystem.

LPs for MM-SHIB are currently receiving 600%+ APY ( )

MM-SHIB can remain on the next Doggy Dao vote should it continue to be top 50 in liquidity size. It is currently at 37/50. ( sort by liquidity here: )

Top LP providers can be found here:

Important to note that the second largest LP provider for MM-SHIB pool has a $2M account:

Should MM-SHIB continue to maintain it's LP size, it will continually be considered by the Doggy Dao vote and naturally, attract the yield hungry DeFi users on ShibaSwap. As a result, it will continue to create an interest to hold MM and create visibility for the token.
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@KingAwesome @beans @NFTDailyNews

I earned over $100 in BONE since Sunday. The APY is more close to 100% not 600%.

The cost in gas fees to woof bone and swap for MM would erase all profits unless I waited a few months to woof. And BONE goes down in price over time especially the time locked amount.

Oh yea 2/3 is time locked for 6 months after woof. This is bad. I had this happen on Viper Swap. The value of VIPER was $1.10 when I started but now is only 4 cents as it is unlocking. So the APY was never as good as it start. And there's impermanent loss risk having half liquidity in SHIBA INU.

Million Pool's 20% is still the better bet for most. If you are looking at strategy about staying on top of Doggy Dao to get SHIB holders, that I don't understand enough.

What I would do is pay some SHIB Youtubers to promote this liquidity pair and get it out there. Even have collabs with SHIB influencers to teach them defi and why MM is a better pair than most rug pull liquidity pairs.
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On my chart, wedge already broke out. (Using quickswap data.) Thank to @Reprobus2 for the idea.
1) Descending triangle breakout.
2) MACD positive and growing.
3) Weekly rate of change looking the best all year.
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I mean price is 20% discount.
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it seems that the Million pool is going to continue
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No more option to stake liquidity to get rewards. Only a withdraw option. What is your plan @NFTDailyNews? If I withdraw and use the USDC to buy MM, it pushes the price to $10.25 on polygon. Could stake on Ethereum or provide liquidity for other stuff. My dad says I can do whatever as long as I think it out. Maybe split the buys like @Tim_MM_Hodler
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@CopperBryson Good thinking Bryson! Distribute MM LP over more chains!! What return are you getting? Without rewards, quickswap is only 14% would rather stake in Ethereum pool while it lasts versus stay on Quickswap.
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