I provied LP tokens into MM/USDC Farm on quickswap on the old website, now i cant see the Farm anymore.. any ideas? 0x164a74cd08e6a0851fbe74b16e5e18d02c5e86f6 thats the contract i was providing to
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@JoeBiden it's powered by ETH 😂
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Love how active metafora got, love @all here :)
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@TimeTraveler so another 1MM basically burned?
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@TimeTraveler what do you mean will be reverse? I reckon it cannot be reversed?
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@TimeTraveler nah buddy... i hate to say it, but YOU made a rookie error. next time you may want to send a test amount when trying something new. take responsibility for your mistakes in life. fudding TL and MM is not a solution (aka blackmail). sorry for your loss. small price to pay IMO
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I hope that it's not possible to reverse a transaction. @TL
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is doing staking on quickswap legit / worth it?
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