it seems that the Million pool is going to continue
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TL has transferred 7500 to the contrat address. I guess to recharge the pool
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Can someone explain how there can be more supply in gateio than tokens in the eth bridge (
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@0x6210f8cf8a67bcd2ef490a6cac9e1cab6cbffa05 There isn´t any link. You can see it rigth now, more than 6k suply in the order book of exchange and less than 3k in eth bridge.
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@0x8e476cc163c7f8627d3ec8494c81f5587e216237 In some exchanges part of the information (volume, depth of the order book, ...) is more false than a wooden coin. I don't know if this is the case
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@AodaiVietnamNFT I think so. And million NFT metaverse has disappeared from roarmap
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