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Weekly auctions at 7 pm US Central (5 PM Pacific & 8 PM Eastern) at

Metaverse and bidding at
Our first serious TikTok video. Please help give us a boost by liking, sharing, and following:
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The MetaFora 500 Hearts Airdrop promotion has ended!

Thank you for everyone who participated! You will be receiving the hearts before tonight's live NFT art auction! (livestream) & (bidding/metaverse)

7 PM US Central (5 PM US Pacific & 8 PM US Eastern)

See you there! Will be a lot of fun with free raffles!
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Giving away 500 Hearts to every Metafora account who likes, follows, and comments!

Hearts can be used to bid in the live NFT Art Auction coming up on Thursday, January 20, 2022 at 7 pm US Central at

This promotion lasts only for 24 hours and will end at NOON (12pm US Central time) on Thursday.

The 500 Hearts is in addition to the 500 bonus hearts you will receive for creating a new account.

See you at the auction tomorrow and make sure to check out our metaverse at

- Misol & Astro
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@Midi_Mages mmm energy...
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@Jlee2776 Thursday is the new Friday
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@cryptofolyo we would not be here without MM, so good to give back.
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@R03 already got a sneak peak of R03's artwork being auctioned tomorrow, it's spicy.
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@DarthVader will do
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@0xa805a01b5c4da635c660dfca8537e71297b11d81 just make sure you follow the hearts metafora account. We will know your ETH address and credit your account before the auction tomorrow.
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