MM Investor - Bullish on Web3
@cristianfuentes.eth Hey! Welcome to the Metaverse!
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So I came across another token I just had to have in my wallet. And my decision was to spend 2k cash or sell my million off. Well, decided to hold the million. So with that said, I’m already up 50 percent in the other token after a few days. Only the beginning for Shibaverse!!!

Wallet is now:
Bone, Leash, Shibaverse, Shiba Inu, MM, XRP TLOS.

One of them got to get me up biig
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@Cam_271 Take a look at $POOCH - about to start farming...
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@NFTDailyNews cheers man - POOCH farming is now live!
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@TL absolutely killing it on YouTube, gaining 90,000 new subs last month.

His latest content has been πŸ”₯ and people are starting to notice the insane rate at which he acquires and shares technical knowledge, additionally to his intense work rate for MM. His sense of humor and wit is what this world desperately needs right now πŸš€
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@JamesHuckle So much distrust i defi right now. Honestly, if TL launches a Million #Dex or even the lanuchpad gains traction then MM is gonna moon!
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Wondering if this app is active. Post β€˜y’ so I know you’re there
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Any Chinese MM HODLs here?... Happy Chinese New Year!
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@soverypro I'm in HK too - don't you love the new 'dynamic zero' COVID policy?
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