The Million Token community have officially decided that we want you to convert the USDC peg for MM into an ETH peg for MM instead. This is how we win, if you accept.
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@Million_Music did this proposal go through.
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I'm still staking MM. So how's the airdrop work?
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@TL You still on metafora? Can't wait until everyone says crypto is dead and million holders(as a millionaire) are left standing. Anyway, just staking away until the next cycle starts. -Darth Trader
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Who's loving this huge dump to oblivion? So glad 😃 it's happening so Donny can buy more.
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Hello, Meta world.......!
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does any one still hold mm?
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Good morning TL and friends!
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Secrets Of The Zodiac by Walter Mercado Mucho Mucho Amor.


Taurus is inclusive he knocks down mountains.
He knocks down horrible walls that separate human beings.
He is inclusive, he opens his arms and welcomes everyone whoever they are.
Saying be like me inclusive. I love humanity,
I love my enemies, I love my haters, I love everyone
I am inclusive and I believe in bridges.
The bridges that lead to unify the whole world.
In order to save this world that we have lived and now live in.
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@Jean-Michel-Basquiat y mucho mucho amor......this dude was the center of attention at my aunt's house, they used to shush everyone until their zodiac was read. Walter was the man
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One day million token will be worth billions and billions and billions.
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Sup TL! Still holding.
-Darth Trader
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Metafora is the best app the world has ever seen.
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Wen jacuzzi moon party?
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