"Who will eat the cake?" asked the little red hen.

"I will!" cried the cat.
"I will!" cried the dog.
"I will!" cried the mouse.

But the little red hen said, "All by myself I planted the wheat, I tended the wheat,

I cut the wheat, I took the wheat to the mill to be ground into flour.

All by myself I gathered the sticks, I built the fire, I mixed the cake.

And all by myself I am going to eat it!" And she did.
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myles   ·   2 years, 27 days ago  
@Jean-Michel-Basquiat What a manipulated bitch
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Have you guys tried ?

It is like spotify...but free and open source, and you can download stuff
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@dolphin Lol read the testimonials
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Since Binance is not allowing me to withdraw MATIC to MetaMask, what other options do I have?
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@englishmonkey Your tweet is gaining a lot of traction. Nicely done!
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I see the new logo, I don't like the fact that people always try to rebrand what TL does, but hey, at least I'm glad the gov system works so no regrets.
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@Eddy Same. But gotta respect the gov system, bullish though. Just hope someday new artists will submit better logos and we can vote again lol
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TechAssist has purchased an additional 67.59 MM for ~$1,086 in cash at an average price of ~$16.07 per #Million. As of 01/14/22, I #hodl ~ 4,825.71 MM (across BSC, ETH, Polygon, AVAX) acquired for ~$70,124 at an average price of ~$14.53 per MM. @TechAssist @TL
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@TechAssist My man. Your bag got big so fast
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Metafora suggestions for @TL

1. Lower the required MM for perks from 10 MM to 1 MM. I think having a lower requirement will attract more users, and it's less tempting to sell just 1 MM when price 2x or 3x, compared to having 10 MM when it happens.

2. I think everyone should be able to set usernames. Users talking here with their wallet adress as username is not only lessening the experience for them, but for everyone, even the users that actually meet the 10 MM requirement. People cant remember wallet adresses as easily as names, so having discussions with adresses makes it difficult to keep track of who is who.
I have a compromise solution:
Allow everyone to set custom usernames, but only allow users with 10 MM or more to have less restricted and more clean names. Users who dont own 10 MM could make usernames only 7 characters long, and automatically have their wallets last 4 characters added to the end of their username (mine would be WiwydF23), so only people with 10 MM can have neat looking usern
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@Wiwy I agree with the lowering the 10 MM part.
BUT setting username freely is not really necessary. The wallet address is what makes Metafora unique.
How awesome is it to see a crypto wallet address can talk and express their opinions, and totally anonymous? It serves the exact purpose of web3.
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We're off to a great start! If you want to help, let's get Metafora trending on Google SEO.
Google the words "web 3 social network metafora" and click on the first link to help boost our search rankings!
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@TL even better you can search for "web 3 social network" then look for & click on or TL's video about it
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@Deplorable yeah it's a sorta big keyword and we're still a new website. Needs lots more mentions on the internet to gain some trust from Google
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Hey, I think we can "Reply" now.
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@TL Wow this is fire!!
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Happy holydays MM holders
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Wow new features. Awesome
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What's new today?
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Just bought some more dips
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