* am i really the talented popstar Justin Bieber just because it's my metafora username? --->
么♡ᴋ ᴇ ʟ ʟ ʏツ
Metafora admins already removing content faster than Twitter and GETTR 😂 😂
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this is definitely one of the most underrated projects in the web3/metaverse that's utilizing crypto in practical ways.
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This screenshot doesn't show any sign of corruption or power abuse to me

Kelly is extremely knowledgeable in crypto and helpful to all who need it. I'm sure there is more to this story than your turn of events
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Just a warning for all members. Million Token & Metafora are not censorship free. Million Token admins are not afraid to admit how they will abuse their power. These are people that are very close to @TL from what I can see.
Every time I look on the Discord, I see more and more that disappoints me.
I hope someone creates the same idea with a different Token. That is the best thing for everyone.
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@TimeTraveler -- more like "how to setup up a ponzi scheme on telegram" -- as if there are not already enough desperate people from that continent getting rolled over by opportunists. also, telling them that you can predict the future? very unfortunate indeed
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