@TimeTraveler what is all this about, i am begining to dislike you just because of the way you act lately and what say lately, this dont speak well of you, especially to the new commers that dont know you before and what you are worth. If you continue this way you are only going to bring yourself down. Let it go my friend even if it seems hard.
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@TimeTraveler My mother would not approve of this language you're using. Is this how you talk to women? You sure let @honeybadger_DGAF have for just pointing out the obvious that you made a mistake.

My mistake was suggesting we do an interview, but after you made a lot of hype around Dec 9 not to mention the follow-up video where you excused yourself like you always make the right calls (after u received backlash) I realized how delusional you were and decided to ignore you. I'm not going to respond to your messages I feel like I'm getting dumber by the minute just by reading them. Take care!

Oh, yeah and your videos are total trash!!! At least get your thumbnails titles leveled right. invest in photoshop with all of your 'crypto' gains you've made in career. Also stop trying to get people join your whatsapp group in techleads youtube video comments.
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@TimeTraveler Listen to @247cryptomoney I don't hate you but you are destroying yourself. Pray on it brotha!
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@CryptoBackstage we are family and early adopters. We should lead by examples. I believe in him and hopes he lets all grouges go.
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