Return to sender
I gave it to pasted and never had it tracked
By the early next morning, I couldn’t get it back
Vitalik wrote upon it,
don’t return to sender,
Address unknown,
No such hashes
It’s in the burn zone.
I had a booboo, a TT spat,
I write I’m sorry, but my mm ain’t coming back.
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@Reillin we’re gonna go to hell(o)
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@Reillin I mean he can always go back in time, right?
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@Reillin XD writing poems about another man's tragedy ;-;
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@Reillin a clear masterpiece
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@dolphin it’s funny when you sing it lol
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Close your eyes keep moving  -keep movin
You are blessing -you are different -From day one
carry on it -wont kill you- don't say anything
Show them no weakness you are their superman
Never doubt - never even- in your deep mind
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