@TL can you build a gauge or doughnut chart powered by AI that will scan thru @TimeTraveler comments on #metafora to give the end-user an idea of how full of shit he was at the time he posted. Thanks!

Actually, you might be able to get away posting static images since he's full shit 100% of the time.
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Clout chasing on my name 40views in 1h
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@TimeTraveler bro what clout. You litterally have nothing to offer me. I don't care about getting recognition from the milliontoken community. i have more subs than you and will break 1k soon and you won't. I don't get subs from doing millliontoken videos. I get subs by doing other crypto videos and more views too. That is just the reality if anyone wants to get offended that is fine. Take care!
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