Software Developer and Crypto investor. Love being early to the Metafora space. Been following TechLead for years.

I can't believe SafeMoon is still a thing
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I know it's not a scam, but I just don't love projects that have that crazy high supply. It just attracts people that like big numbers and they all hope for .01 or even worse, $1
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But good for them and all their holders. I want to see people succeed. I don't really have feelings towards it.
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At first glance, I thought the chat logo was a bull lol
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Which would be ironic because that would mean MM is too centralized haha
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Any software devs in here?

Which is your fave language/framework?
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LOVE Vue and Tailwind
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React. My fave of the bunch
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Well done. Japanese is tough lol
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C# is great, especially in Unity, but as a JS guy, I cannot stand generics and IEnumerable lol
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I am doing exactly what you're talking about! Also wanna learn some Scilla
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Which will happen first this year? 🤔

$BTC $70,000
$ETH $5,000
$BNB $1,000
$SOL $500
$ADA $10
$AVAX $500
$DOGE $1
$SHIB $0.0001
$MATIC $10
$LINK $100
$FTM $10
$MANA $10
$SAND $10
$GALA $1
#BabyDoge $0.00000001
$ELON $0.00001
$FLOKI $0.0001
#SAFEMOON: $0.01
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BTC to 70k SHOULD be the thing to happen first
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Buying MM on BSC def the way to go
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Not much time was spent on the UI... lol. I'm sure he's working on all of that.
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