A MillionToke OG and Co-founder of RoarNFT.exyz
RoarNFT X MillionToken PROMO until Monday!

Buy one of the last RoarNFTs in the primary market.
ROAR! will use 100% of funds for $MM buyback.
#NFT owner will get 33% cashback in MM.

Join our discord here 👉
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Hey Lions, wanted to announce our RoaR!NFT launch date on March 20th you can check our website
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@beans Thanks Beans, yes we will and now we are accepting MM as a payment with 10% off to help boost the volume and we created LP on BSC which we have a MM buyback with 30% of total sales
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I am so glad to have come across TechLead on YouTube. I have listened to most of his vids and managed to stake 381 million tokens om the site... I had to pay a high fee on the Etherium Chain. Is there a way to stake on polygon or avalanch?
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@hannyta welcome to the Pride Hannyta, atm the staking pool is only available on the Ethereum blockchain but you can alway look the time that the gas fees is the lowest in the day and that’s usually at night
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@DonDee_Dacrypto Hey there Telegram admin
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