@Neverest Competition to Metafora @TL
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Tux   ·   2 years, 5 months ago  
@TL And there could be other options than Credit Card and Paypal,.. like Cyrpto... Some countries charges a salty fee on international CreditCard purchases.
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Any software devs in here?

Which is your fave language/framework?
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@TimeTraveler I'm sorry TT, you can't reverse a transaction, and nobody can withdraw from that contract. The only thing you could do now would be to ask for donations.
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 __/     \
/      ●  ●
|       ▼ |
|       亠 ノ
U ̄U ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄U ̄U
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It's a capybara xD
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you know, TL is sarcastic, maybe he wrote this in PHP as a joke xD
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@JustinTime4Tea PHP and jQuery, yeah, I agree, I would expect some more recent technology from TL, at least something that support realtime updates.
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Username "1" found a routing issue, we can't go to and
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