Here you can request songs for my music videos. If you hold Million tokens on the account you message from then your request gets a higher priority. If you hold more than 10 Million tokens you may also ask for a "shout out", and your name will be displayed in one of the next videos alongside your MM amount on your account, for extra flex.

Inappropriate requests and/or usernames will get ignored.
The fact that the new TL video wasn’t posted here says a lot about metafora. 😂😂😂 all that complaints.

“We need dark mode”

“We need to change the logo”

I’m sorry but as a community we are weak 😂 metafora should be booming as a uncensored media platform 😂
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It is outperforming Bitcoin by a lot. It will go up to $50,000 price, aka 10,000x from here almost. Will Bitcoin make a 10,000x? Nope. ;)
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Time Traveler kept calling TL a racist for not putting him first in the list, so maybe TL got tired of it and just decided to remove it all xD
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I am glad that you lost all your money on MM. Crybabies like you dont deserve to make money.
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He is too toxic. I cant accept a person like him, no matter how much work he pulled before for us. His true colors are showing.
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In the end MM holders win. Especially those who keep accumulating at these prices.
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This morning I flew from Germany to Italy, I already had 5 espresso since my arrival and it is only 2pm
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@0xa50b85fe80636d3c9a32421cedf226e163846daa its the real Jimmy it seems, check the wallet on Opensea, it's the NFTs he made.
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If only we all know how undervalued Million Token (MM) is right now, we would all be loading our bags, who else agrees with this?
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@0xe25b3b266471ae28d259c3f9f19f8a64c9e10a95 You cant predict if a wallet will hold for 2x or 1000x. It will always just be a guess at best.
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Only 2 wallets have completed step 7 so far. Step 8, 9 and 10 are yet to be solved.

3MM prize yet unclaimed.
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Crypto returns in the past year:

#SHIB: +52,601,740%
#AxieInfinity: +18,336%
#Terra: +15,429%
#SAND: +16,100
#MATIC: +14,690%
#SOL: +13,232%
#MANA: +4,691%
#DOGE: +4,133%
#AVAX: +3,936%
#BNB: +1,461%
#ADA: +783%
#ETH: +460%
#Uniswap: +425%
#DOT: +396%
#XRP: +328%
#Bitcoin: +90%
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@247cryptomoney Shib looks like it did pretty well.
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