@CryptoBackstage featured creators seems to have been recently removed from the website
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Time Traveler kept calling TL a racist for not putting him first in the list, so maybe TL got tired of it and just decided to remove it all xD
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@0x69511d33ff4209618b47ffbcfb172c374024a57e Hmm interesting. Anyway, that word gets thrown around so much these days even I don't take it seriously. It's laughable. It's like the boy who cried wolf. I honestly don't think TL is that reactive. I frankly just took TMT as being angry. But hmm I could understand the flip side of the situation.

You bring up a good idea 0x6. This is really where the DOA should come into place. Vote in and vote out content creators. There is no reason why we should put this type of burden anyway on TL and/or the admins. Not sure if admins are driving the DOA but maybe they can start there.
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@TimeTraveler you're a disgrace! you dead to me. you are like the father abandoned me and would come back every now and then to steal food from the house.
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