TL   ·   9 months ago  
Dark theme is more PRO.
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@TL Nice one. Thank you for listening to the community
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TimeTraveler   ·   9 months ago  
@TL I know you were working into something
Thank you TL
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BankofHome   ·   9 months ago  
@TL Excellent! My eyes thank you! :)
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englishmonkey   ·   9 months ago  
@TL "Let there be NIGHT" right @god?
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Facebook   ·   9 months ago  
@TL I love you Techlead
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@TL love it 😍
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0x56d...4694   ·   9 months ago  
@TL airdrop soon
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englishmonkey   ·   9 months ago  
@TL Maybe asking too much but can we have the option to choose? Bright sunshine where I am now..light better in daytime dark at night!
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JS   ·   9 months ago  
@TL wow good job 👍💪 the Dark theme is more PRO as you said,
but if you can consider the colors below it will be more eye-friendly.......
Background color rgb(32, 33, 36)
Blue text color rgb(138, 180, 247)
Text color rgb(154, 160, 165),
"The colors are too loud"
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Simonsaysz   ·   9 months ago  
@TL love it ! Is there a way to make the font a bit bigger? It’s a bit hard to read. Thanks for all your effort and time.
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Cherry   ·   9 months ago  
@TL Thank you for this. 👏
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MFS   ·   9 months ago  
@TL WOw!!! great :) Can i change between modes?
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@TL Good work my man , do add more fun features for real social viral moment
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@TL This is great. For dark theme the blue font color look very odd.. What do you think? Great progress though this is getting very serious
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