Metafora logo is updated, congratulations to for winning the design contest. Nice team effort from our Discord, special thanks to CryptoQueen24 & admins for organizing.
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@TL lfg. Grats everyone
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@millionxdesign Congrats on your win. Governance in action. proof of concept success. what more do we have to do to prove this is a legit community and project.

Good work to all the millions admins and community members who took part in the competition!
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@TL Teachlead you are the best
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@TL Fantastic. Perfect demonstration that the Governance system works and is listened to.
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@TL is it only me finding the other logo more techlead than this one?
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@0x91edd4afb7195c678f6d071e16820c9ad390751c obviously - he chose it. Doesn't mean it's good for a social media logo.
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@GodsMillions its not that is ugly but.. its not special.. the previous one at least had some imagination to its art.
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@0x91edd4afb7195c678f6d071e16820c9ad390751c there's no imagination when you click "create lion logo" on adobe free logo maker. Very generic and currently in use by 2 companies isn't using your imagination.
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@GodsMillions what? you are saying that the previous logo was being used by other company already? oh.. it was nice like.. it was a origami lion kind of.
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