Remember these are the God's Millions ;)

Introducing one of our six Gods: Gaia - The Goddess of the Earth.

Join our Solana NFT discord. We're minting 3333 randomly generated Gods on the 4th of Feb and have a HUGE announcement at 7pm UTC today which pretty much guarantees a sell-out.
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Metafora logo is updated, congratulations to for winning the design contest. Nice team effort from our Discord, special thanks to CryptoQueen24 & admins for organizing.
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@0x91edd4afb7195c678f6d071e16820c9ad390751c obviously - he chose it. Doesn't mean it's good for a social media logo.
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@0x91edd4afb7195c678f6d071e16820c9ad390751c there's no imagination when you click "create lion logo" on adobe free logo maker. Very generic and currently in use by 2 companies isn't using your imagination.
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I Might be the first African on web 3.0
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GM to all Millionaries
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@Xmultiplier morning ser have a goodie!
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@TL PLEAAASE get in touch with coinmarketcap to get them to update our description. All attempts by the community get nowhere. There's nothing about our bridges, metafora, the community projects, governance etc.

2.6 million unique users per day can see this! That's 1/3rd of Amazon. It's vital free marketing.
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@Tony_Manero no one listens to decentralized community members or those who claim to be the representatives of them, unfortunately. People have tried. Imagine how many emails they get each day from people claiming to represent DAOs.

Maybe Beebs or Midi can write the description for TL to send but it's a few emails from the right person, to the right people, to get good exposure to 2.6 million people. I hope @TL can justify this use of time.
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if only 0.1% of CMC viewers join each day we will be gaining 2600 members a day!
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and if only 1% of that 0.1% buy enough MM for a profile we will have 260MM being snatched up each day!
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Guys, the info here about Million Token and who is the creator of Million token is just bad. We say there that @TL is a famous youtuber. What about we call him a genius coder? Anyone nowadays can be a youtuber. And we also talk too much about Coffeezilla, i don't know why by the way. We don't talk about the good projects Million Token is associated with (inclusive this
I think we need an update. Please like this comment to someone with power do something about it.
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@milliontokenhq it clearly wasn't us who wrote it.

@TL needs to write to CMC and get them to update it as those who have contacted them from the community aren't getting through to the right people. No one is going to listen to a 'decentralized community member'. Please @TL if we aren't putting money into marketing right now this is literally the best free marketing there is. CMC has 2.6 million unique users per day. Please make this a priority!
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super impressed with @NFTDailyNews videos on MM - makes me very bullish :)
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@Virgin quite a poor conversion rate if that's true. Usually that would mean that the website needs to be improved. Lol here we go again
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@Virgin not following what you mean? :)
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@Virgin oh right. Wasn't what I was talking about with the conversion rate but that's good that he's blocked if he annoys you I guess
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@TL - Write an algorithm that personalizes metafora posts for each user, so each user will see different posts on the main page - similar to the "For you" videos on tiktok.

This allows users to see posts not only the most recent or only on the main page, but allows exposures and feedback for users posting at anytime.

Users will likely to post again if they keep getting likes/replies instead of having their posts hidden in the back with no exposure.
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@M one has to be careful with algorithms as what's to say it isn't showing us what the platform wants us to see rather than what we want to see? These things add to the mistrust of social networks so we need to careful what is done to priorities some posts over others.
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@Tony_Manero Weird and it was Techlead who posted the vote
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@Tony_Manero this is a well-done tweet
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