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Join simply by connecting your blockchain wallets to #Web3 social platform. #Metafora

No Token yet Possible Airdrop?💰💰💰💰😍
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After this, it can be a replacement for twitter #web3 #metafora
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Hi everyone, web3 is the future. Agreed?
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@sciwalker I think @TL understands #web3. Many #web3 apps will die like the .com boom or bust whatever they called it. Project like #metafora will thrive. TL is all in there is no turning back. He needs to put @CoffeeziIIa down. Kelly is that you?
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One of the many reasons I'm looking forward to #web3 social media becoming more common is that I've been unfairly suspended on FB multiple times. I criticized something offensive or inaccurate someone said and posted a screenshot for reference, but FB thought I was endorsing it and banned me! I was accused of either sharing misinformation or spreading hate, even though I was actually speaking out against those things. They stopped allowing me to contest anything.
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@Cherry this is like a testimonial for #web3 #metafora. FB's strategy is shoot first ask questions later and not do anything about their mistakes. They're too big and institutions especially big tech have become politicized.
Reply 1 Link, it's like Twitter for the blockchain. A #SocialNetwork for the #Crypto #WEB3 #Metaverse.
- Follow others on Metafora
- Private message friends via inbox
#metafora #milliontoken $MM #MM
Created by our founder The TechLead!


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