Guys, be careful buying MM at this price. This looks like it could be an exit pump.
You heard it here first. If I'm wrong, then you have the bragging rights to say that I was wrong. But my hunches tell me we see lower prices.
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@electronicknock No such thing as an exit pump xD
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@electronicknock LOL such a nonsense o my goodness , it is best time to buy now , backing is near you can easily dca JUST in case if needed. Million token will be legendary forever
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@electronicknock I mean really risk is less than 20% I even gets $3.

Exit away I'll get 1000 for 3k you can thank me later.
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@electronicknock bear market correction are made so people can reenter to create more potential upside without the potential upside traders don't usually buy in
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